1. They viewed the act of being submissive in that situation as Unmanliness

  2. No, they flat out viewed any kind of reception of physicality as unmanliness, which you would know if you listened to Eldar Heide's explanation I sourced to you. Sexuality was directly intertwined with masculinity and masculinity was inseparable from a man's social value.

  3. Genuine question, do you think homosexual sex involves both people being penatrated at once?

  4. The film is marketed as based on a true events but do you understand multiple of the main characters are fictional and the movie isn’t pretending otherwise?

  5. You understand Ghezo, the real life slaver who had zero moral reconsiderations for doing so and did so til the very end with no excuse not to, was a real life person and one whom the film outright defends with a completely fabricated, lying, sympathetic portrayal with made up remorse and motivations against what he was actually very fond of doing to other people?

  6. Ghezo is actually portrayed as enthusiastically and unwaveringly pro slavery as in real life? Where?

  7. Looks correct to me 👍 I could see the E in vertu and the first E in betri being spelled with an Oss ('a' rune) instead of an Ís but it's not objectively wrong AFAIK

  8. Oss is an 'ã'/'õ' rune, unless you want to write bantri, use ᛅ (ár, the real 'a' rune) instead

  9. I mix them up in YF because of Oss being the ON development of Ansuz

  10. I don’t hear NIN playing nor see it being discussed. I also don’t see any relevant hyperbole, double entendres or metaphors you’re alluding to in context.

  11. While I don’t want to take anything away that helps motivate you, you’re quite simply spreading misinformation.

  12. Could you provide exemples of individuals going there by other means, please?


  14. People want only good and bad, black and white in history. Shades in between are considered punishable.

  15. She was being mistaken for Japanese, because people wanted to see all Asians as bad. They didn't care that she wasn't Japanese, that there were Asians who are not Japanese, no fine gradations.

  16. Yes you are free to imagine in your head that redditors you don't know anything about have bad personalities, or act just as immaturely as Kevin Holland.

  17. If it's just an othala with no other context that doesn't really mean anything specific by itself anyway.

  18. didnt admit he was wrong when he got caught doing peds

  19. Parody books/deliberately bad doesn't count. This isn't failing to do anything it's trying

  20. The actual backstory is funnier than the movie premise. A former narc officer and drug lord named Thorton was smuggling a plane full of cocaine but the load became too heavy, so he just yeeted the coke out of the plane and jumped out with a parachute. The parachute failed and he died. A bear ate it and died of a heart attack.

  21. Of course, I just thought that considering this mythical story takes place in ancient times, criticizing Elder Futhark isn't the real issue or a deal breaker here - since it was adopted not long after Midgardians themselves in our real universe.

  22. The game obviously doesn't come with a date where it's supposed to take place but nothing whatsoever indicates that it's supposed to be the Vendel period or something similar.

  23. I would say it takes place way before as Germanic deities are attested to be worshipped centuries prior.

  24. I would say the developers don't have a clue either way and grabbed random things from whatever they found online, hence having assets of art and symbols spanning nearly 2,000 years in a game that clearly has no grasp of archaic Germanic language.

  25. Cernunnos is a largely Gaulish figure that is never attested with any certainty in an Irish context. There is speculation that some given names of characters might bear reference to him or that some similarities might be seen with saint Ciarán, but there is no proof of a cult of worship around Cernunnos in Ireland.

  26. It's only over-saturated if photorealism is absolutely your thing. If your intent was to show the scene the way you would like it to be then go for it.

  27. Photorealism tends to be the thing with photos because while one can emulate the colour palette of a bright illustration by saturating like this, the lack of any outlines turns the whole thing into a garish blob

  28. Lmao. It’s well known that women knew what Harvey did, and still chose to “work” with him die to what it does to their careers

  29. Aah so hurting yourself is considered art now. Glad I'm not into art then.

  30. I'm not a fan of this practice myself but 'oh so X is considered art now?' is and has always been the most obnoxious head-in-the-sand attitude to anything that challenges someone's conception of art. It's not a static medium.

  31. Same to you, if what makes you happy is trying to gatekeep things you don't follow, understand or care about in the first place

  32. I do not enjoy the belt that much either. I have hit 515lbs without a belt and I did fine. I also see it as a hindering item if you don't need it. As a lifter your back needs to get strong, if it is strong enough you should be able to lift fine. I understand there are reasons to use the belt, to support your back and if your having an off day, i can see someone wearing it to avoid getting hurt. I'll upload the video. It was during an Army competition while I was in South Korea.

  33. They invented the 'sigrun' which is the made up name and meaning of it

  34. Official one championship and their 1 billion viewers really reflected in their post with 34 upvotes and five comments (including this one)

  35. Lewis didn’t quit here. He got flashed for a second, happens at HW and he was gonna try to come back on instinct IMO. You can’t tell me this was a good stoppage.

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