1. What happened to the other guy's post about this? This post is good as a first warning, but the second guy's post was important to actually inform us what we were up against, and I find it very unfair if it has been taken down...

  2. It was removed because OP gave way too much info , thats what I remember reading from the mod comment

  3. I went from plat2 to D2 in a week after a 7-8 month break from the game, but instantly going up this much while still playing everyday isn’t that common, max I have went up is a full rank like this

  4. Castlevania Bloodlines/ The New generation(I think the game had 2 versions so there are 2 different names) I played it around 3 years ago ands its pretty good

  5. In recent memory it’s probably spring major and S5 overall. Copperbox is just different

  6. If they were too increase the age limit to 17/18, they can do it in a way where anyone who turns 15 till 2024 is eligible but after that its higher. 15 feels fine rn but I don’t see it staying the same over the next few years

  7. Karma and Talliebird are the only notable ones who made it to RLCS. Other than that there is a womens league but I haven’t personally watched it. Also the lack of women can just be because the demographic for the game is mostly males and the few females that are highly rated aren’t at that level yet

  8. Is talliebird a girl tho ? I was thinking that but last time I watched rlcs they said "he" referring to that player .

  9. Most passes have a few good items with a lot of filler. It depends on you if you like some of the items in it then you can get it.

  10. With the way BDS handled the Marc_by_8 situation, I don’t know how I feel about this. I don’t want Extra to be cucked like Marc was. Very rarely have we seen a team stick together for 2+ years so that’s a very big commitment.

  11. Pretty normal time if you know what you are doing. My SS took 14 and it was my 2nd play through

  12. Fair enough, I just beat the game for the first time in about 40 hours. 60 to get to 108% lol

  13. My first 112 took 60+ hrs and by the time I beat P5 it was close to 90 hrs. First play throughs are much much longer because you have no idea what to do

  14. MoreSample2005 subs in for all of Dirt Path Gaming and 1v3s the entire major with every series being a perfect sweep

  15. Okay but the octane has been in Fortnite for weeks?

  16. Not at home and just checked liquipedia. What happened to Moist?

  17. My friend who is gold got one yesterday too and it took him 10 minutes to realize that its the same thing just different rarity

  18. So, assuming this is true, what do you think this means for NRG? Garret and Squishy find a new third or the team just breaks up?

  19. Honestly in regional 1 especially Caio seemed the most consistent/adapted. Feel it's so harsh on him tbh. Rip The Great 1 I guess

  20. Is Caio's english good enough to be on a team, because he is good enough to be on a top team. Hope he finds a good home

  21. C2 purely through solo queue. The only teammates I play with are low diamond/plat, so definitely not a requirement to get an actual team, although the consistency will likely help to rank up faster

  22. I just lost C2 today lol, I mostly solo q too but occasionally play with a friend for fun who is mid diamond and we lose every single game

  23. But rdr2 came Out years ago... Why should it get a GOTY this year? Im confused....

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