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  1. Nick Petrie is the author. The Drifter is the 1st book. The 3rd one, Light It Up is about the main character working private security for a marijuana dispensaries in Colorado. But the story is thick so you have to start with number 1

  2. Legit thought this was weed. Exhale so car don’t reek

  3. Native Texan. Was in Denver once and went to King Soopers. Made me miss HEB. But… I walked thru the store I continued to catch whiffs of one strain here….sniff sniff….another strain there. Def don’t get that in Texas. Lol.

  4. I feel ya. I grew up without the internet and the other day I was reading a book and came across a word I didn’t know. Googled it to get the definition, pressed a butting to hear how it was pronounced and even had a small gif of the lips moving so you knew how to form the fucking sounds. In seconds! An absolute mind fuck.

  5. I know I am not a teen but here goes. I was 30 yrs old and had an infant son. I had had it with my wife, my job, my alcoholism and was also on some pretty heavy mental health meds that may have been f ing with my depression but, for some reason, I wanted to end it all. I took all my pills and just waited. I don’t know what came over me, guilt. I don’t know. I told my wife what I had done and even told her I wasn’t sorry. She drove me to the hospital, I remember talking briefly to the nurse then I remember waking up in the hospital with a catheter shoved in my pee hole. I was covered in sweat. I felt gross. Plus my meds I took like Candy made me sleepy so I couldn’t listen to the dr or my wife. I was just in and out. A nurse had convinced my wife to put me in a half way house. I was checked in 3 days after the incident and finally got to take a shower in a shared bathroom with a mentally unstable non-verbal roommate. I was so ashamed. I didn’t know what to do. I thought my life was over. Worse than a successful suicide. I was eventually checked out pretty quickly bc my wife felt it was a bad decision bc we had a small child and I had never done anything like this (just drank too much). It was however, my saving grace bc as I was in the half way house I was forced to stop taking a drug that was causing the worsening depression. I now have 2 beautiful kids and life is good. I could not imagine the anguish of my teenage son (now you can relate!) having to go thru this harsh life without me. I am grateful to still be here. Moral of the story: this too shall pass. It gets better. It really does. Don’t make a life changing decision so close to the beginning of it. Be strong and be safe.

  6. How do you like it? I had the V2 before it no longer worked with my batteries (batteries work)

  7. I also had the V2. The on demand mode is a game changer!

  8. I ended up getting a wulf vape for daily carry. But if I ever want a decent enough vape with a bong adapter the max always seems the best priced especially on sale. I saw the V2 go on sale for 25 once....after I got it and accessories for like 125 a year prior

  9. Hmmm. Not sure if the Wulf has a model with swappable 18650’s. That’s a Big selling point for me bc the vape is my only means of consumption as to conserve. So as long as I have plenty of 18650’s and a separate charger I never have to stop.

  10. Think it’s from this catalogue. Looks the same as the cover and I Think that the same year.

  11. That medical dispensary in Louisiana sells regular ass .5 g pax pods for $90. Plus, check out the $16 prerolls

  12. I’m just saying 0.7 for $90 is the highest I’ve heard of. The story behind it and all makes it even cooler.

  13. Story is fucking phenomenal and seems worth the $90 for said .7 grams. What I shared is the opposite of phenomenal (in 2022 no less!) and should be protested to the highest authorities by every stoner of power!

  14. “Bring me a milkshake, drive over here and bring it to me”

  15. 22 but that is bc I am old and the internet didn’t exist before then.

  16. Second pic Terry look like a white Deebo from Friday

  17. Those clowns in congress are at it again. What a bunch of clowns.

  18. Had to watch twice to confirm that was a legal knee

  19. Watched one fc last night. Grounded knees are legal. Couldn’t stop thinking about how much more terrifying khabib’s run woulda been with that rule set.

  20. How do you get temp up that high? Mine Max's at 220

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