1. My buddy’s cousin is a manager at a restaurant in Louisville. Drake and Jack Harlow came in and basically bought everything the restaurant had the weekend of the Derby. $3,820 included gratuity with an additional $10,000 tip. Say what you want but I don’t think anyone was mad about Drake coming in that night.

  2. Anything high in cbg is amazing for Gastro issues. You can get edibles and vape with cbg specifically added back. Also a lot of concentrates will have high cbg depending on strain.

  3. Peach crescendo-Ancient Roots is wonderful for gastro issue’s.

  4. Quality and consistency with ancient roots, they are bringing back grape cream cake and I cannot wait.

  5. They got bought out by ethos. Staffing has been a issue.

  6. The concentrate of this was great. I could only find it in the dablicator. This looks nice!

  7. Yeah I think these are garbage and a rip off, almost false advertising. Now they have the distillate sticker on the front. Low terps high cbd.

  8. I got one back in February and this one looks better. Mine was dried out.

  9. Of believe me. I love a nice rip off some glass. But the price we pay for concentrates in Ohio. Puffco brings out all the flavor really maximizing the experience. Since I got mine ive conserved enough to notice

  10. Butterfly Effect by Grow Ohio - TII Super Lemon Haze, half ounce, harvested March of this year.

  11. Was your Tokyo dry? Mine was drier than a 14 day old dog turd.

  12. I honestly don't know. I just seen the reviews on the puffco, and while I don't know concentrates very well, the people reviewing it seemed to. The number one complaint was that it didn't get hot enough as well as some atomizer shit or something. I don't claim to be an expert. I just know that 2.6 star isn't a good review for my 400 dollars.

  13. rosin wouldn’t need to be that high temp. Just burning it at the point.

  14. Gem city market, just across the river on Salem. Fresh fruits and veggies. They have a build your own salad bar and hot bar by the deli.

  15. Have been meaning to check that out, but I was thinking something (more reasonably) walkable from downtown. even like a convenience store would be great. It sucks having to get into your car when you realize you are out of bread.

  16. They have a third perk coffee shop in there, check it out.

  17. Ill throw out Outer Space from Standard. I did some research and its actually a very rare strain. Surprised how they actually got it as No Seeds supposedly exist for true OS. Very head foggy. Kinda trippy. Definitely a unique High.

  18. I enjoy my concentrates and this is a good description, only thing is most of the time it’s a .5. this one is a nice for the morning walk through the metro parks.

  19. Black jack or stardog by grow Ohio. Definitely does not make me anxious.

  20. The leaking luster sucks, but that cart is exactly how it should be, it's a glass mouthpiece 🤷‍♂️ hit em up about the luster I'm sure they'll take care of you

  21. Yeah. They posted on their Instagram story all the pods in a bin. Sideways upside down. I’ve seen other processors have trays so the stand up straight.

  22. Try reaching out to them via Instagram. That’s how I got in touch with Meghan. Or try calling their customer service number.

  23. FS is sketchy… I’ve had good and bad from that company.

  24. I cannot agree more. I Was a big buyer of them. I’ve yet to hear back from them about my leaking rosin.

  25. This exact problem made me give up on them. Had shorted/leaky rosin and multiple rosin carts clog with no response so they get no money from me anymore. Sale or not, strain I want or products I like, I’ll never buy a thing from them again from principle

  26. It’s real a shame. They was my favorite. They paid the employees a fair wages, was doing a whole solvent less line. Now I noticed the sun bites are made with distillate.

  27. I’ve gotten the hash coins multiple times. I’ll say this last batch, was like it had gotten hot. Stuck to the bottom and and smeared. The first three I could clearly see the logo they stamp. This isn’t full melt. But for the price I really enjoy it.

  28. I’ve just got the trop-banana rosin. Rosin was stuck to the lid and leaking out. Looks like improper storage. Was able to swap it for the same strain but both jars I received. I have reached out to firelands. Just want to give a heads up to anyone else.

  29. I must say though, Galenas is killing it too! They have new strains popping up too and they are quite killer

  30. Yeah, fun fact they use local restaurant waste for their soil. Certified kind.

  31. 💯 % Labs Slap Wagon shatter....It will most likely test even higher when they release it in live resin form this summer.

  32. They are made with distillate. I’ve had the peach an very little effects. Also found out they are part of beneleaves, which has sold me moldy product before. I didn’t find this out till once I got home and was reading the bag.

  33. Why haven't I considered this? Just make bogus wedding catering businesses, give them fake positive Google reviews, and defraud those wealthy enough to afford a catered wedding. So simple.

  34. This has already happen in Ohio and the attorney general picked up the case….

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