1. Oh you’ll be getting much, much more from me trust me. Appreciate your hard work!

  2. If you bag an Ohm you'll like a Glitch

  3. I’m late to commenting on this but I am am Ohm diehard and just ordered a glitch. I’m stoked.

  4. You sound like someone who hasn’t interviewed for positions you’re qualified for all that often. Trust me, just negotiated a bunch of job opportunities here in Northern California. A job posting is not a contract 😂

  5. Or they're just passionate climbers. Climbing everest is a huge milestone for the few who can go, why are you shitting on them? They know the risks.

  6. I heard of Nelson's death this morning. They didn't mention the sherpa's death on the same mountain though - so tragic. My heart goes out to their families.

  7. Same! We each have a proxy and will often use that on our 1 disc and 1 disc only course runs.

  8. The new generation’s traveling sport. Good luck to the parents’ wallet.

  9. No uniform really, very little gear beyond the initial purpose, not many coaches to try to utilize unless the parent knows the sports well… parents wallets are pretty safe unless childhood DG truly explodes lol

  10. Get one of the batteries where the cart actually inserts into the battery. Work great and the form factor is so much better

  11. But how much will you pay for it in 25 years? I gotta retire somehow.

  12. I truly hope you’re not hanging onto 400+ discs in an effort for them to fund your retirement… there’s better ways homie 😂

  13. How do people actually sit around and watch shit like this....

  14. Did you see any of the comments? Complete scum watching this. Just looking for their echo chambers

  15. Well, the world record for 100 miles is 10 hours 51 minutes, which is about 6:31/mile for 100 miles.

  16. I’ve been using Lutra kveik since it’s been hot and I don’t have temp control. In IPAs it has a pear/stone fruit flavor when I pitch it at 85-95F. I just put it in an 11% abv stout and it came out really nice. I used 2 row, amber, roasted barley, and black malt. The fruit comes through very subtly and I like when stouts have a slight date/raisin/prune thing going on.

  17. The charger is great. Anker battery pack I’ve had for a while, the cable actually came with a Ring doorbell camera, but was short and color matched the Crafty so I use for this lol.

  18. Has anyone been in a legal brewery that was in a shed or someone's garage? In Washington, i ran into a couple that i had a blast at.

  19. Cider place on Vashon Island was like this. Absolutely incredible location. Think it’s called Dragon’s Head

  20. Worth a rinse every session or two though… just hot water should help prevent most of the nastiness

  21. It's kinda the same thing as past generations have had. Macarena, Cha Cha Slide, Crank That, Gangnam Style. Imitation dances have always existed.

  22. Love JCS sucks hes stopped posting content. They were so well made and informative!

  23. I know, still mad about it. It was the first patreon I signed up for with no second thoughts. Bummer.

  24. My dishwasher (Frigidaire) was doing this, and it got better when I replaced the pump. It was loud like yours, and would also squeal at times. Very annoying…

  25. Just had a Frigidaire go out on us after becoming super loud for like 3 months. Life got in the way and neglected getting it fixed despite being covered by insurance.

  26. I mean, looking at the 6th picture you took and the DD Combat Commander, its really hard to say with a straight face that they dont look even slightly similar lol

  27. I mean aren’t all disc golf brands just using similar technology, redesigned slightly? Like there’s tons of companies making bags with vertical storage over the main storage compartment. Idk, there’s only so much you can do in terms of originality here

  28. Right, if it were a generic backpack I'd agree with ya, but it's a pretty unique design. But that doesnt even bother me tbh. If you wanna take someone else's design and do it better? Well that's good news for me. What made me laugh was saying there are no similarities.

  29. Yeah for sure, we’d all be lying if we didn’t say that manufacturers are competing to keep up with each other. It’s all in the game

  30. Replace these with acronyms so old the generals forgot what they stood for and this is also whats its like to work for the military.

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