House committee receives Donald Trump's federal tax returns from IRS

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  1. I don't believe in hedonistic or utilitarian morality. The purpose of life is not for everything to be bright, shiny, happy and fuzzy. The purpose of life is to do what is right, what God wants for us.

  2. God isn't real. Why if God wants us to live a specific way were circumstances arranged so that billions of people believe vastly different interpretations of what "God" supposedly is or wants?

  3. You mean the billions of people that lived and died never even hearing that X religion existed, or who didn't switch to that religion because they were faithful followers of another?

  4. Hell of a lot of right wingers who act like we can't send aid to anyone or allow immigrants as long as there are homeless/starving veterans. Should be the same principle but isn't, OFC.

  5. Nothing in the rule book says a dog can't shoot up a school!

  6. I've been anti-natalist probably since before most people on this subreddit have been experiencing the joy of life. I find this cartoon offensive. There's a continuum between being anti-natalist--a fundamental void of feeling resulting from lack of a procreated being--i.e., no joy, no sorrow--and joy over the destruction of what will become one of your co-sufferers on this rotten planet.

  7. Why are you pretending to be antinatalist? Obviously if someone is on the verge of having to experience this rotten planet and gets a reprieve that would be something to celebrate, and humor is a decent form of celebration.

  8. Probably no one here needs to be sold on the notion that the agreement was unacceptable, but here's one of the reps explaining why anyway:

  9. Thankfully so. I’m tired of the “news” being about a tweet

  10. Now we'll get news stories about Tumblr gifs.

  11. Is it a point and click adventure game? Or maybe a visual novel? Or a walking simulator?

  12. It's not a remake of the 50's film. It's a different take on the original story. It's like calling Coppola's Dracula a remake of the 30's Lugosi film.

  13. More accurate take too, come to that. How anyone could see an actor in a bald wig doing a Frankenstein knockoff as an acceptable adaptation of Campbell's story is beyond me.

  14. "For some reason, they included 100% confirmed photos of Trump raping a preteen."

  15. Altman did do a horror film. It’s called images and it’s about a woman who has schizophrenia

  16. Does Altman lean into the horror stylings or downplay it?

  17. We're only getting that if there's another pandemic and it has a much higher lethality rate.

  18. "Charge da yankees! No need more dakka or taktix, got honor an' shid!"

  19. I can read that either way. Confederate apologists love to shield themselves with the founding fathers. Lee was a Washington by marriage after all. The whole “Fighting for the same thing their forefathers did” nonsense.

  20. Wait, did Washington ever say he was fighting specifically for the colony of Virginia or something?

  21. But who's economy? I could suffer a little more to send a message.

  22. On that note, is there a rail strike fund to which I could send a donation?

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