1. TLDR: Collectible Avatars, a set of art tokens based on the Polygon blockchain by social network Reddit, set a minting record of over 255,000 unique avatars on Saturday, data queried by Dune Analytics shows. The figures eclipsed the previous high, 200,000 in August, nearly a month after the collectibles went live.

  2. TLDR: In addition to the previously reported group of Gemini customers owed $900 million, there are two other groups of Genesis creditors being represented by lawyers totaling $1.8 billion with more to come in the form of a third ad hoc group being represented by Kirkland & Ellis

  3. Novogratz is a noodle head. He pumped Terra/Luna, and got taken for hundreds of millions this year alone.

  4. stef tsitsipas is almost certainly not an incel. how is this post allowed just defaming tsistsipas with a lie?

  5. Because the mods are unprofessional and let their politics trump the rules

  6. It’s a shame how this sub gets so political at the expense of tennis. Look at the top posts today. Sheesh.

  7. It's the off season what the heck else do you want us to talk about

  8. TLDR: The Ethereum Foundation says in a blog today that the blockchain’s Ropsten test network (testnet) has begun to wind down, with a full shutdown anticipated for sometime between December 15-31. Ethereum will also shut down its Rinkeby testnet sometime in mid-2023, giving developers ample time to move over any applications they have running to the Goerli or Sepolia testnets.

  9. TLDR: Telegram plans to build a decentralized exchange (DEX) and non-custodial wallets that could reach millions of users. Telegram is already a go-to messaging app for many crypto traders, giving it a captive audience right out the gate.

  10. Lol at all the articles saying is now leading crypto investment as opposed to the US.

  11. They should return the money to the FTX users who were robbed not charities.

  12. I always wear a watch when you shit and time them using the chronograph.

  13. TLDR: The report said that Alabama Securities Commission Director Joseph Borg indicated that his agency and several other states are involved in the investigations, which focus on whether Genesis and other companies persuaded residents of their states to invest in crypto securities without having the proper registrations. Borg did not name the other companies being investigated.

  14. I actually think more people would respond positively to crypto if we do frame it that way. Framing it as an investment begs the kind of comparisons that Warren Buffet uses against crypto regularly.

  15. Isn’t it? Can anyone truly explain the intrinsic value of Bitcoin or Ethereum? I’ve held Bitcoin on and off for years, and I certainly can’t explain why it shot up to $60k and has dropped back to $16k.

  16. Intrinsic value is not a key feature of all traditional investments like stocks, for example. What makes crypto not gambling is the positive expected value. Gambling is almost always negative expected value.

  17. There are decentralized stablecoins like DAI if you prefer to avoid major financial institutions.

  18. You even speculated, here on this website, how Reddit could introduce crypto things. And then they did it.

  19. This Vitalik guy must be good at a crypto. Expecting big things from him.

  20. I think there are still some on xdai/gnosis chain as well.

  21. If I can't see these financials on-chain I don't believe any of it. This is a public company registered in the US for fucks sake - how can you trust anything there to be true especially after the insider dick sucking with SBF.

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