1. Indy is the most competitive open wheel series. Anyone can win from any position.

  2. Pandora has so much potential but offers so much frustration.

  3. Sorry but when the first question is give me your email address I’m out

  4. Jax and Tampa are dogging in the guest room.

  5. Y'all ready for Ricciardo to end up in NASCAR driving a bright orange "720S"?

  6. If you’re not getting euchered regularly you’re playing too tight.

  7. I’ve seen less contact in NASCAR races /s

  8. Yes… ignition is legit. Most people on here who don’t live in legal states play Americas Cardroom or Ignition. No, withdrawing funds would not get you in trouble…

  9. As long as they get new chips I’ll play there. Their current chips are the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.

  10. You must not have seen this post from yesterday

  11. That’s crazy. Only been playing five years and have had three naturals and one more using just one hole card. One live, three online.

  12. I recently took a shot at 2/5 on the advice of a friend. My initial $400 buyin is now $4000 (and I’ve spent $1k more of it - hookers and blow). 20+ sessions. I’ve decided if I can get it up to $5000 I’m going to take a $1500 shot at 5/10. PBKC to be clear.

  13. So this happened. I’m effective stack. Level 3, 200/300/300. I open UTG to 800 with KQo. Smaller stack jams. Button rejams.

  14. I haven’t read their TOC but I remember hearing you need to log in every six months.

  15. Welcome to Florida! But if you have to go into south Florida, the one of easiest airport in the country is palm beach, and it’s about at most an hr and 15 mins from Miami. Never a wait at security, easy AF to park and everything else.

  16. I live in PBC and am always willing to pay extra to fly out of PBI instead of dealing with FLL or MIA to save a few bucks. Easy peazy.

  17. This sounds bad but to me it’s less about taking it easy on friends and more making sure I’m not gouging the room for 1K every night and stop getting invited. Last night we played 3 hours and I left up $1400… in 1/2. That is asinine. But I also see your point

  18. Keep cashing and they’ll have no choice but to improve their game or continue playing like madmen.

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