1. Mighty+ all day for me. Hits hard without that combustion taste/harshness.

  2. "In addition to an expansion of the products available at Ohio dispensaries, SB 261 also proposes that THC limits for concentrates should be increased from 70 percent to 90 percent. "

  3. Just yesterday I picked up some Fire in the Sky t2 on special for $26. FeelsBadMan.

  4. Haven't had a chance to test it out yet unfortunately. I was just stocking up for the weekend.

  5. Who is the parent company? Curious for future job searching. Feel free to message me if you don’t want it out in the open.

  6. Second This. I buy the locally grown variety "Dark Moon" and its one of my faves. Great Euphoria and relaxation without much lock.

  7. They also seem sensitive to chemicals in processed meat 🍖, I will basically put some food in front of the cat and if they won’t eat it, I really wonder…. Cause they straight eat grass… at least mine does… the orange one “fattumz” can’t go outside because she treats the lawn like an opened can of tuna 🍣

  8. This is funny because I have a cat that if I open a bag of turkey lunch meat she just goes crazy and begs begs begs for it. I usually tear her off a piece I'm sure it's not great for her but she won't leave me alone if I don't.

  9. Where you get your turkey lunch meat? When I crack a bag of that stuff my cats cringe 😬! But they will eat the shit out of some lawn grass!

  10. Kroger brand oven roasted. Nothing special. We nicknamed this cat Trash Panda though cause she’ll eat just about anything at least once.

  11. Lucky ducky living 10 minutes from them. Also, great username. I was lucky enough to be at the dos a cero match in Columbus a few years back when Chicharito played for Mexico and the match win secured us a world cup seed. We chanted dos a cero all night. Not a thing Mexicans like to hear

  12. Very nice! 2013 was my first time at a US/Mexico match and it didn’t disappoint. Dempsey missing the penalty to keep it 2-0 was excellent and we chanted “we are going to Brazil!” All night back to the hotel having secured qualification.

  13. Pure Ohio Wellness sells them under "Gear" on the online menu. Only appear in stock in London right now. $15.

  14. You can keep it like normal milk or freeze it - it's just simmered milk like you'd use to make a cake or mash potatoes or....

  15. What do you do with the Coconut Oil? Use it like a RSO/Tincture? I would assume you wouldn't just drink it?

  16. This looks much better than the last cart I got from them. Glad to hear it hits well. One I had looked like it hadn't been properly decarbed.

  17. I love these scales. So cheap too.

  18. I admit I was shocked when I saw what the price was. Definitely snagging one! Thanks!

  19. I do but I only take a couple draws then turn it off and come back to finish it a couple hours later. Its barely browned if I only run it through once yet sometimes I say whatever and start fresh anyway. Thats with the luxury of growing your own with the ability to be wasteful. I realise some people really need to conserve what they buy as I used to as well. It doesn't taste as good the second time but still much better than smoking and gives me a good glow

  20. Same I run mine through 2 sessions or so but will never let it go longer than 24 hours before I swap it out.

  21. Very nice. Was this at the Springfield or Sandusky location? I’ve never made it over to the Springfield one to check out their offerings.

  22. It was at the Springfield location it's a small shop but they have a really good selection. and a flower of the day and they have really good specials. Today is 20% off tier 2 flower. It's nice they're friendly no wait time you should should check it out.

  23. Awesome thanks I’ll have to check it out next time I’m over there. Sounds like a nice place.

  24. Lookin' good. Got some of this last week and thoroughly enjoyed it. Nice relaxing and calming effects without too much couch lock.

  25. Picked some of this up yesterday as it was the daily special deal. Excited to give it a try this weekend.

  26. These people are spot on, I don’t think they’re the cheapest, but definitely on the ball.

  27. Used them for my recommendation and honestly I think it was the most pleasant doctor visit I've ever had. Very informative, polite, and took time to answer any questions I had about cannabis - not just end the telehealth visit to fit another patient through the virtual door.

  28. Got two today from POW Dayton. Care Specialist said the manager said to tell me that if it gets hard to pull use a hair dryer. Got it home and it was like dried oil/no liquid to it at all. Hair dryer loosened it up but doesn't seem to pull very well still. Is this normal for carts close to expiration to have non-moving bubbles/appear dried? First time buyer of carts.

  29. Soinds like its not properly decarbed and the THCA is crystallizing/crashing or it wasn't winterized/dewaxed well

  30. Ah ok Thanks for the info. Like I said first time using carts usually just use flower. Is the heating it up with a hair dryer something I'll have to do every time I want to use one of these? It seems to harden back after I take a couple draws.

  31. I find the ATV has the best streaming platform UI and with one on every tv in the house it gives my family a similar experience no matter the tv manufacture. That being said I use a nvidia shield pro on my theater CX so I can get HD audio with plex!

  32. I second the ShieldTV for plex. Also someone who can't stand the WebOS lack of apps and support a Shield or ATV definitely make up for it.

  33. Ahh, Sharonville Microcenter I see! Been there many times :)

  34. I love that place. Just wish I wasn't an hour away.

  35. It didn't save any highlights for me, even when enabled

  36. Same for me. I have it enabled in settings but no highlights get enabled. leaves me wondering if I'm missing a step.

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