1. So, my abilities in this department are too good! I was reading Gerald's Game by Stephen King (years ago). I never finished it. I can still imagine myself as his wife. She was tied to the bed for some sexy time and he DIES! All she could hear was the screen door bouncing up against the house. Hence, that was all I could hear. I don't think I made it 10 pages later before I gave up! I can still hear it everytime I think of that book!

  2. Adding it to my list of books to download. Thanks. And I can already imagine it in my head based off your description.

  3. I’m allergic. If my office went dog friendly, I would have to be accommodated. What if I don’t want to work from home? And I’d better not get looked over for promotions either.

  4. Sigh. Black person here. I think Splash Mountain was a fun ride and most people would never make the connection with Song of the South because most people alive today haven’t seen it. I’m sad to see the ride go, but excited to see the Princess and the Frog version, which will fit well in New Orleans Square.

  5. When Quagmire’s dad dances down the stairs. I look for it every time I need a laugh after having a bad day.

  6. Awwww I miss my Peloton! Still nursing a hip injury (since last May), and my bike is now in storage because my house flooded.

  7. Awww, takes me back. My daughters (actually I) sold GS cookies for years before Covid. Our troop was in Los Alamitos, but I worked in LA, so I became the de facto seller of the Lemonades, which at the time the LA County scouts weren’t selling.

  8. I never laughed. I hate the song so much. And why it it funny when the African American goes “Ohh ya”. ?

  9. The fact that he’s black has nothing to do with it. It takes a special bass voice to sing those notes - in key.

  10. Beales in Sunset Beach. I’ve only been once but I remember them having plates that look like this.

  11. I watched the first three episodes and I liked it so much I’m re-watching with my daughters.

  12. Yes he’s in his 60s, but he’s much bigger than Paige. And he’s fairly active as well so I can see it. Especially if he has a weapon in his hand to prevent her from running.

  13. I still don’t understand why they use real guns in movie and TV productions. Before this incident, I thought they were fake. Prop guns. Because who in their right mind would actually give a working firearm to a performer?

  14. this week's list of things that don't make sense DO NOT READ until after and feel free to add more:

  15. Ha. I just watched that episode last night. Niles’ Cam Winston voice 😂

  16. Oh and they forgot about presbyosa. Old age waits for no man's eyes.

  17. How long has it been since you got the procedure? I got mine in 2013 and the optics are still marvelous.

  18. Only the Griffin family was in the intro in the beginning. If you notice S1-8, the others weren’t in there either. Then Cleveland left for his own show and at the same time they decided to put the other characters in the intro. Then when Cleveland returned he took Mort’s place.

  19. I grew up with Cj. We played football and basketball together in high school. He taught me guitar. I’m absolutely heartbroken. Our entire community is crying out together right now. He had no enemies. I spent every day in the summers at his house playing guitar and basketball with him and his cousin, AJ. (The guy who was with him in his original audition.) Heartbroken is an understatement.

  20. I’m in Hawaii for 5 days. Taking a break from DJ. Will resume when I return and add on 5 days to February

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