1. If this is your first time and you're going on reddit for advice, let me just save you a few thousands dollars in engine rebuild costs and tell you right now.

  2. Thanks but I was looking for something a bit cheaper. I have a buddy that can get me a Haltec Elite for cheap but I’m still not sure if it is 100% the ecu. Thanks for the offer I’ll keep it saved!

  3. Haltech Elite 550 is what I've got in mine. It's an amazing ECU, a million times better than the mess of piggy back systems I was using and without a doubt worth the money. Completely programable for any standard engine type so if you do any engine swaps down the line or change cars you can just swap the ECU over and keep using it on anything.

  4. Link or Haltech would be my recommendation.

  5. I paid full price for it about a year after launch just so I could look at the cars.

  6. S14 in the thumbnail is hot as shit.

  7. Mine is actually the next generation M35 Stagea with an R35 face.

  8. What type of wheels does the 3rd photo r30 have? I was trying to remember the name and could only find knock off ones.

  9. Actually I guess it depends on where you live. We wouldn't get away with this here in NZ but the US has some pretty relaxed laws about what you can do with your car.

  10. Is it a fat tire with a channel in the middle? Or two tires on the rear passenger? Last time i had a 240, i had only bald tires in the back...

  11. Good chance it's just a piece of his body work digging into the tyre and just taking a little off the top.

  12. This sub doesn't get enough oldschool 32 4 doors. Awesome ride OP.

  13. Hell yeah, this thing looks like it sees some use.

  14. It is indeed. Are they just another company making reproductions of existing kits or are there actual differences to the design? Always keen to learn more

  15. Looks like a Vertex? You can buy the kit off their site.

  16. Everything about this car is awesome. These other comments can get lost.

  17. Surely make a kit to suit the standard front end as well, I'd love a wide body on mine but want too keep my autech bumper

  18. That is actually my plan yeah. Once I finish the widebody for this conversion, then I'll see if I can go back to my donor and make matching front flares for the standard stagea front.

  19. Yeah I have seen that render on your Instagram, honestly I think it looks better than the other R35 front swapped M35s with the wider door panels. Also good to know that you plan on making one to work with a standard front

  20. The design choice is really a bi-product of just wanting to offer this conversion in it's cheapest possible form since Stageas are not an expensive car here.

  21. Hey I've seen that garage before... how's the coupe miata going?

  22. It's been feeling very neglected lately. But I have just organized to take it to it's next big show in a couple of weeks. Mad Mikes Summer Bash on the 3rd of December.

  23. This is my current project, it's a 2007 Stagea Autech Axis model with a VQ35DE and a few small upgrades all round.

  24. Corporate needs you to find the difference between this picture and this picture

  25. On a side note, how are you liking that 2 post setup? Was considering that style for the new workshop over the conventional lift because I hear they're a little better in terms of maintenance requirements.

  26. IMO red, black, dark blue, or yellow would be a good color for the valve cover and other accents you may want to paint in the engine bay. As for the body, I think you should paint that to whatever color you like.

  27. Oh shit, yellow on gunmetal would look dope. Especially if he keeps all the other colours down so it's just monochrome in the bay to help the yellow valve cover pop.

  28. Idk, Hyundai has a good track record recently. Ironic 5 looks just like the proto and the 6 is supposed to be just like the model they have shown. So we will see.

  29. I'm pretty sure they announced publicly that the N vision 74 was only ever supposed to be a test bed for them to develop the technology for the other cars in their N lineup. While at the same time they wanted to see how the consumer market would react to a more "retro futuristic" styled design.

  30. This thing is aggressively Australian haha. Love it

  31. Definitely at least 1 kind of Asahi involved in this story.

  32. I love seeing these sorts of builds. What are your goals for the end product?

  33. Always wanted an S chassis that can drift as well as circuit race. Trying to figure out the correct setup. Or maybe have two diffs, different wheels and tires, etc

  34. Looks like it's got an incredibly solid base for either. I got mine when I was first into drifting but found that I started to prefer circuit more after a while, sounds like you've got the plan sorted, gonna be a sick machine when it's finished.

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