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[Giveaway] I wanna thank you r/formula1 because it all started here, where i began making those led neon tracks - every wednesday I will pick 2 random comments that wins those until they are gone - this time COTA and Monaco

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  1. Sooo, the ‘regular’ tier (Essential?) gets… nothing? Or am I reading this wrong?

  2. Games were announced a couple weeks ago and are already available

  3. This is from the BoutineLA insta account, but the account seems to be suspended for a week now.

  4. You might have already overridden a Snapmaw in the past.

  5. Turns out I am an idiot and somehow this happened. Trophy popped today (with a Redeye Watcher of all)!

  6. Two different Valor Surges without going to the Skills menu? Edit or have I been missing something?

  7. F1 2021 broke my L2 :’) (although I set the haptic feedback setting to ‘Strong’ instead of ‘Regular’)

  8. I’m contemplating on buying GT7, partly because two racing games I have played (F1 2021 and Dirt) have destroyed the haptic feedback on one of the triggers of my Dualsense controller. Especially with braking, it just starts rumbling and then one day the pushback was just gone.

  9. This feels a bit double-standardish. When Elden Ring makes an (apparently, it’s not my thing) enormous map, it’s all praise.

  10. The difference is that there are no ?'s on the elden ring map. The game doesn't tell you that you just went past 5 points of interest while riding towards that interesting thing you spotted in the distance

  11. That is new info for me! I admit that makes a different experience/dimension. Thanks for clearing that up

  12. Honestly, as much as I love Godot, I love how ambiguous his fate is. The game leaves enough grounds for the players to believe that he is either alive or dead, and imo, this is great, since any outcome has a satisfying ending. If he is alive, then he is prison, but his heart finally found peace. Now, if he is dead, then he probably meets Mia in the afterlife :3

  13. Thanks for all the advice, I bought the game. Will start playing after the holidays!

  14. If you have a PC that can run the game get it on PC. It's definitely exponentially better on PC. The game was designed with MnK in mind. While the controls might be playable on controllers, it nowhere comes near how well it plays on PC

  15. I was kind of afraid for that, but unfortunately I do not have a proper PC available

  16. Yeah that’s one that caught my eye. And all three for $20 seems like a great deal

  17. Ace attorney is not a hidden gem lol.. it’s easy to assume that cause it’s a visual novel but the series is the most successful visual novel in a genre that’s very niche, but in a franchise with almost a dozen titles under it’s belt and where all the entries are now localized and translated in many languages, on a dozen systems, etc. getting an appearance in marvel vs Capcom 3, a collab with professor Layton and is known by the majority of gamers, it is FAR from a hidden gem 😆

  18. Somewhat agree, for you and me it is not hidden ofcourse. I guess you can call it ‘hidden’ because a lot of people seem to know the title, but never played any of the games. That’s why you have to take an opportunity like this :)

  19. As someone who beat Part I on Grounded about 4 times in total and is also playing through Part II on Grounded for the first time as we speak, I can say Grounded in Part II is definitely doable and that Grounded Plus or cheats would lessen the accomplishment if you're looking for satisfaction.

  20. I personally went with base Grounded. I liked needing to scavenge for parts and pills and make strategic choices about how to upgrade the character/weapons. Especially since you only seem to be able to find about 50% of the number of parts and pills on Grounded as you do lower difficulties. Make me think about how to best spend those resources for what I knew was coming. But that's just what I found the most fun. There is fun to be had with going in fully upgraded and with all your weapons. Some people prefer that. It's all about what sounds most appealing to you. If you're really concerned about the difficulty, Grounded+ will be slightly easier due to you having all your upgrades from the start.

  21. I agree with your reasoning: the whole point is that surviving is near impossible and that is best achieved without the best loadout. Thanks!

  22. Only if they are quality. I like following the adventures of 47, they don't even have to make chronological sense to me, like with Batman - the dude has been around at least 50 years as comics, and that hasn't bothered me a bit.

  23. Thanks for the tip! I saw both in my Hitman trivia search in Google. Will definitely look them up now

  24. Unfortunately IOI doesn’t have any new Hitman games planned for the near future. Project 007 (working title) is their main focus. I believe they are also working on a fantasy game. Hitman will have more games but probably not for awhile

  25. Damn I just got goosebumps reading this and the comments, sounds amazing!

  26. Glad to see this is on PC and not console. seems impossible with just a thumb :’)

  27. i’m somewhat impressed that there is actually a balcony/fire escape where they had it in the game.

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