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  1. What firmware version are you on? Since some early update it's not happening for me. Zero so far on android 13

  2. It was quite bad with my soft clear clase I used before but now I switched to sillicone one and it's consistent all the time for me.

  3. So the mostly homogeneous white countries voted no. Okay.

  4. It's not really countries voting tho. For example Czechia has 21 parlament memebers three of them voted against. Dennmark has 14 members, italy has 75 members etc.

  5. I do boxing training in gym under trainers supervision so that differs each training also sparring is important. But for my day off solo boxing workout I do:

  6. You can get 8 for half of the price of 9 during black friday here. So probably that.

  7. Do you feel the screen protector's edge when doing the "back" gesture?

  8. Pocket mode works only on the lockscreen. If you accidently unlock your phone it wreaks havock.

  9. It also does not block the fingerprint sensor whatsoever. So even when the sensor is blocked you can unlock the phone using the sensor. This renders the pocket mode only to be useful for not getting your password entered too many times and blocking your phone in your pocket.

  10. UI design and web development are not necessarily the same thing, you can be a wizard with react, and still suck at choosing colors

  11. Hey that's me! Apart from that I also suck at react.

  12. Some people have reported to have little accidental swiping when using thick cases like the rhinoshield one.

  13. Do you also have the screen protector from rs? The one I ordered was from a brand called super shields and it's both too small and starting to bubble on the edges, if not do you have a recommendation?

  14. I don't have screen protector from RS. I prefer a foil over a glass one so I bought one from regular seller, which was also too small. Then I bought few on aliexpress which cover all of the display, although they also are starting to loosen up on the edges as well because they are right against the edge of the case.

  15. When you find out you are colour blind on reddit.

  16. Interesting, I found the original case quite cheap and slippery feeling . So I promtly switched to silicon one, which feels much better.

  17. I bought foil protectors from aliexpress. They cover the whole screen, although to the point when my case is pushing at the edges making them unstick little bit.

  18. So gwallet doesn't work on 13 beta? Damn... then i don't want to upgrade, I'm on wait list for ZF8.

  19. I am still on android 12 this is a regular firmware update.

  20. Oh, sorry, i though 31. is A12 and 32. Is A13. I'm just a bit curious because no one talks about the issues in beta. I think it's not really allowed to discuss publicly but idk where I can find some more info. So i got a bit scared that it's a beta.

  21. I've also read that it's not working on the 13 beta. But there it is understandable sort of. Not on regular stable release. Paying with phone is fairly crucial for me.

  22. Does it come with any bloatware that needs to be cleared off or others that are particularly useful? I'll be new to Asus phones and specific OS so I don't know really what to expect.

  23. They do! I used jbl cable for over a year now. Never realised it, thought I was just god at putting in.

  24. Ok, thanks. Makes sense now. Getting some muscle memory putting it in your pocket in a different way seems like the good solution. Thinking of getting this phone. Only when it might be available where I live there may be just a year and a bit of software support left.

  25. I really like it so far. It's not perfect. But the size is nice, the battery is excelent and the performance is great also. I like the side mounted finger print reader more then a back one or in screen one. I hope we get android 15 but don't count on it. Maybe I upgrade to zenfone 10 if asus can fix some of the shortcomings otherwise I am happy to stick with it for while - maybe flash other ROM if the supports ends after the android 14.

  26. Thanks. I was thinking if custom rom as well. What do you feel are the shortcomings?

  27. I am hopefull that lineageOS and others will be supporting the 9 as it seems to be fairly popular.

  28. But is it though? Who is still making 2.0 ports? As in, production wise, wouldn't it make sense to focus your plant on the newer one in this day and age?

  29. There is still lot of phones using USB 2.0. All the xiaomi phones, vivo phones, oneplus 10t, nothing phone, all the Iphones still use USB 2.0 protocol. So it's not like Asus just randomly decided to use some ancient tech.

  30. Ofcourse you can. You can do that in display setting under system navigation.

  31. I hope they continue this line of sizing for the next batches of the phone

  32. Exactly same small form factor but with slightly larger screen due to smaller and even bezels would be a killer. As long as they keep the battery life good.

  33. That was a great idea! It wasn't the reason, but it made me realize I was just being stupid. The buttons do actually still work in any case, but I can't press & hold to go all the way up or down. Only individual presses are registered when the screen is off. The volume difference from a single press is so small I didn't notice it at all, but if I press maybe 10 times fast, I can adjust the volume. Still, the fact that holding the button down doesn't work is slightly strange :o

  34. Yep, seems to be that when the proximity sensor is covered it doesn't register the holding to adjust volume, only the pressing. It works when just having the phone on the table for example. The pocket mode setting on or off does not have an effect on this. Interesting.

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