1. This one right here, with your edit from 3 hours ago.

  2. Good job with photoshop. Shame on you

  3. Oh my bad, screenshots might be too complex for you.

  4. Interesting. I must have been hacked.

  5. Nah NoHype got doxxed (accused of doing a very shitty thing in real life) and is not Joe Fuentes

  6. Good hire. I don’t think he was the issue in any remote way but I understand having to make a move

  7. He’s a nepo baby who learned from an elite offensive mind of a father. Nfc championship game this season after playing 3 quarterbacks this year and has mr irrelevant starting this week. This guy stinks

  8. Correct. I’m a wrestling fan but when my interest has waned and was not watching I always checked out the rumble after it was on streaming

  9. Dribble dribble dribble two swings contested 18 footer kid is incapable of hitting. Saved you hours of college basketball

  10. Yes, very enjoyable stuff and the best sport to bet on besides the nfl

  11. Whatever wins this poll bet the opposite in a parlay

  12. Because he deserved it and embiid didn’t

  13. Incredible how a man with a podcast called uncomfortable conversations cannot handle having one

  14. It’s because he’s a hack. He can name this uncomfortable conversations then have milquetoast conversation. The people seeking his narrative will like it and hey it’s uncomfortable it’s in the title. Hack 101

  15. Nice I’m glad Adam speaks on behalf of the nba governors and the 15 million Jewish people world widen

  16. Why are you disregarding and minimizing a Jewish man’s views on what happened with Kyrie Irving ?

  17. What did your mom make you for dinner tonight? Is she doing your Laundry or can she wait another day?

  18. I always thought silver looked a little Chinese

  19. Yes, we will never forget. 3 playoff appearances but he was the weak link

  20. Some guy inconsequentially lying about a girlfriend is not as bad as decades of coverups of child molestation and rape.

  21. I didn’t say what is better or worse

  22. How can something that isn’t that big of a deal be the biggest scandal of any frame of time?

  23. Because I said so. It’s all subjective

  24. That’s a shame. Never listened to the pod but enjoyed when they would randomly do play by play on fs1

  25. Better known as supersad, with the "a" pronounced the way Bill says "Van Damme".

  26. Yes. Thanks for helping the non half Italians

  27. It’s not an excuse. You asked why does he get the credit for ‘17 and not the blame for ‘18. I just told you the reason why. There’s a difference, but carry on.

  28. Nah, if he gets credit for 2017 he gets the blame in 18

  29. Awesome! Give him all the blame then.

  30. Not exactly. He’s a member of aew who accepted and welcomed his critiques

  31. A white Nigerian who knows a lot of casual American slang. You're all over the place.

  32. I learned about my roots from Malcolm gladwell. He changed my life

  33. I have to admit that's a pretty good line, well done Doot

  34. The 82 game season isn’t why kawhi Leonard sits out every other game. It’s a playoff league. Teams and players do not care about the regular season and rightfully so

  35. Because he doesn’t play for himself, he plays for randos on reddit. Dont you know that?

  36. I forgot about that. People think it’s a waste because he doesn’t help them enough in nba 2k

  37. I would think that it happened and luckily it wasn’t two picks for Kirk cousins

  38. No. I was happy for him when he got the deal. He was never getting that deal with the Mets. Never had any ill will towards him. I hope he kicks ass and we rock him in the World Series.

  39. I don’t love the move at all. He didn’t call plays in Green Bay. If it means Rodgers shows up it’s tolerable. If not I think it’s a bad move

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