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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. 33, digital marketing manager/consultant in Southern California - total comp last year around 165k

  2. $75 is a lot of udemy courses you could learn a new skill and literally change your life

  3. Thank goodness that u includes that last point

  4. Ugly stik elite with a pflueger president will be around $150 and probably last you forever, 7 foot M fast

  5. probably not the answer you're looking for, but a simple way to get an idea of depth would be to drop line with a sinker with a weight that can let it hit the bottom, and count the number of reels it takes to pull up, multiplied by the inches per retrieve on your reel

  6. i make my own now, usually something fairly basic though - sea salt, black pepper, onion powder, garlic, paprika, thyme, etc.

  7. Not really the ending... But in the movie "inside out" when bing bong jumps off the flying car to help what's her name escape the dead dream area (don't remember what that was called too). Poor bing bong.

  8. I am in my 30s and havent cried in years but bing bong broke my heart

  9. If he has no hair why would he care about lice lol

  10. How do they come up with this study? How many dicks do they look at to determine statistical significance? Really not trying to brag or anything but im way above whats listed for my country lol

  11. that wouldnt cover the rod though lol the curado is 200 by itself seems like thats his entire budget

  12. He saved lives and put himself in danger I hope he has an uneventful life moving forward. Good job Brandon

  13. Nah i hope he gets inspired by this and goes full batman

  14. I'm sure the Ken Jeongs of the world would argue that it's comedy, until you point out that John Cho got his start in comedic roles but never allowed himself to be the butt of the joke. Actors with self-respect like John Cho or Steven Yeun all have a great sense of humor and are great in comedic roles without ever having to play the clown like Jeong.

  15. Randall park too idt people think of him as a joke actor compared to jeong even though hes always in comedies

  16. Ive got quite a few rods and the most fish ive caught was on a $30 4pc travel rod that is now rigged up most of the time

  17. Well, and “poisoning” might not necessarily mean he was attempting to kill her. He could have been attempting to sexually assault her and used a drug to make her more pliable. Either way, piece of shit.

  18. pliable is such a disgusting word in this situation

  19. if this is a dealbreaker for a woman now, then you have to think that she wont care about any of your other loved ones if they are sick too

  20. probably a limited market size that all already have one. I've got one sitting in a closet somewhere from the few months i was into retro gaming but i moved onto other things that held my attention more

  21. They're going to crash the economy, blame it on the Dems and then use it to get elected in 2024 because they wont win any other way

  22. baseball, unless we're already together then boning

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