1. it was an over the top response, but ramona does not know ball - she’s an access reporter only - so I can understand spo being preemptively annoyed with her.

  2. just when I think I can escape the sixers

  3. Last nights crowd was not the typical dead crowd.

  4. watched two middle age women get in an argument over who was next to get beer, yelling "you cut the line" "no you cut the line" at each other. wild to watch.

  5. cannot tell you how many times i’ve done this and have people either freeze in place or step TO the left

  6. “looks like meat is back on the menu” implies the existence of restaurants in middle earth.

  7. I checked the local area on Craigslist but nothing

  8. haven’t seen it pop up anywhere yet, including a few local shops. appreciate you checking!

  9. That thing is hot. I'll keep my eye on the streets for you.

  10. I had a pretty intense acid trip that included watching endless on loop for some undetermined amount of time. cried a lot, was good and therapeutic.

  11. who is the artist for the portrait? love that piece

  12. shelves look great, do you have a link?

  13. I have a few pairs of retro karhus that I kick around in, absolutely love em

  14. I've been bringing dogs to Camp Bow Wow North Durham for over a decade now. The staff are great, the owner is hands on and is always happy to chat if you have any concerns. We do both boarding and daycare there.

  15. +1 for bow wow, I think they love my dog more than I do.

  16. one of my favorite artists, love his coffin series. this is gnarly.

  17. every male in my family is bald except for me. I get this suggestion all the time. it feels ominous.

  18. I also just raced my first half. I work with a coach and she forced me to take a week off of running (and 3 days of no activity), and my first few runs back have left me feeling a bit rough even though my fitness is still good. just take it easy for a bit, you’re gonna be alright.

  19. Oh interesting, I didn't know it was typical/recommended to take that much time off. Sounds like the issue is that I didn't really take time off after the race--I basically went back to my normal running schedule 2 days later. Whoops, guess I'll know for next time.

  20. idk if that much time is typical but my coach was pretty insistent! although if i’m being honest, i don’t think I could have run for the first few days after. a super light spin was all I could manage.

  21. love mike gracie’s stuff, I have the wawa shirt.

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