1. Either the lab fucked it or private snuffy stole his test and replaced it with bullshit. It is one or the other

  2. I don’t see why a employee at his clinic would steal his test. Test is cheap and it’s a controlled substance they’d be stupid to risk the trouble.

  3. Bro, it’s a military clinic. Idk how familiar you are, but a mfker in the army will steal your beanie without a second thought, much less a bottle of test lol

  4. Dk how shit goes in the military lol but from what ur saying I’m glad I don’t have to find out 😂

  5. If you want to stun Jason a lot use Chad or Jenny

  6. 0.2 mg, mL, g, L, kg, t?

  7. I’m sure he means 0.2ml and if it’s TRT with a doc it’s prob 200mg/ml strength. So he’s doing only 40mg per week.

  8. Did they hurt your feelings that bad to publicly call them out?

  9. Are you allowing water to just spray on the bar the entire time?

  10. She’s not good at anything but running away

  11. And even when she runs she stumbles into Jason’s grab a lot

  12. They aren’t allowed to work on the game anymore (adding new content), they can only fix bugs because of that lawsuit over the rights to Jason. They’re also working on other things so the fact they have it playable at this point is a good thing. They care about the community and want to let us play so don’t be so mad at them. Like the past says^ they were probably ok Holiday break

  13. I know they can’t add new content. But they are allowed to fix bugs and keep the game running and they have always done a shitty job at doing that to. Anytime they’d fix something another bug would come with it.

  14. Correct, but I think you’re being unfair given the circumstances. I agree it’s their job to have the game playable since it’s still out for sale, but these things take time. When you’re entire game stops working, you can’t just hit the reset button on the game and have it work instantly, they need to find the bug itself to fix and go from there.

  15. I would be unfair if this was their 1st or 2nd time having a problem. But when a company had 1000 problems I tend to run out of chances I can give them.

  16. How can they put effort when 5 seconds into the game the jason teleports and automatically kills them

  17. Running around in zig zags and trying to avoid getting shift grabbed solves this problem

  18. You can die first but you still have to wait for someone else to die to even have a chance which is still 50/50 (although tbh it feels like less when you die early on)

  19. If another teammate quits and ur the only one that died it’s a 100% chance u become Tommy.

  20. I’m wondering why K Robinson was starting at RB? Worthy can transfer at this point if that’s all the effort he will give. Quinn threw straight dimes to him that he missed. On a good note Quinn looked a lot better. But it took too long to get going on offense. We need to play all 4 quarters!

  21. The amount of times I've been in a game and it ends because the host dies and leaves the game. Could they have the common courtesy to not leave the game and end it for everyone else? If they don't wanna spectate everyone they could just go read a good book or play on their phone and browse Twitter and leave the game running.

  22. If I die I do chores around the house while I wait until next game is ready lol

  23. So many good ones to pick from. Birchwood breeze, coconut castaway, crypto cleanse, and Mars bar are top ones for me

  24. This happened to me with the North Pole 4 pack. #WIN

  25. I thought he was fine (compared to the last 3 coaches) at UT. Had an 8-4 season, appearance in the Big12 championship game.

  26. A 10-4 season w/ a sugar bowl W against Georgia made me a happy Longhorn that year.

  27. They accidentally send me double my order not too long ago instead of shorting me.

  28. You grow when you rest. When I’m trying to put on muscle I lift 4-5x per week. And use my rest days to recover, eat, and prep meals. I increase my training frequency to 5-6x per week when trying to cut fat. And rest between sets depends on goals. Endurance- 30 seconds Hypertrophy- 1-2 min Strength- 2-5 minutes

  29. The human race is full of pieces of shit, we can be terrible.

  30. It wasn’t even a good love story. Allyson was barely even in the movie and basically just did nothing except argue with Laurie and try to ‘fix’ Corey which he got mad about and then she just kinda went along with him for a bit.

  31. It wasn’t. The whole movie was 🗑️

  32. As fun as the game is, it has also been a complete mess at the same time.

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