1. Nothing's stopping me from turning the stove on

  2. Coconuts... A coconut is more likely to kill you than a shark

  3. Evil dan removes red hair and got a baby

  4. Where's Trayaurus? I really thought they will bring him back.

  5. He said he was bored of Roblox but maybe this can help

  6. This could be a much bigger story than we think, someone could be watching him from there secretly but the editor forgot to remove evidence...

  7. Ah yes here we have dab police on patrol

  8. Forgive him, he's middle aged, he probably forgot, it's pretty normal for a middle aged man

  9. How to make the carrot dimension and the overworld collide

  10. Can you check if any equipment has the summon monsters trait on them its text will be coloured red. Items can have this trait even though it’s not cursed

  11. Thank you very much dude! You just saved me!

  12. Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest

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