1. Only I think that the first Mission in BF4 camping is good one?

  2. Why I have read tittle with Big Boss voice?

  3. This is ubisoft. We will get empty open world with boring plot and very repetetive side quests.

  4. Why jungle na'vi are blue If water ones skin color is similar to water they swimming in? Are jungle na'vi hunt at night when forest is brightened with all the fluorescent plants?

  5. Im playing a tons of others games and I cant kinda understand how people can play One game for 2k or more hours.

  6. F for person who had to model and render this haircut

  7. When I find out there is Avatar game in works I was happy but then I google it And then I saw Ubisoft logo on Trailer thumbnail... My happinness lasted for 30 seconds...

  8. How humans was shown as invaders and our destructive nature for planet just for money and some rocks.

  9. And yes, most likely Eywa impregnated Grace's avatar in the first one when they tried to get her consciousness to her avatar. Grace died, but the avatar stayed in a braindead coma like stage and was pregnant with Kiri. That is the most likely thing to have happened.

  10. So in this case I'm curious of scientist reaction when they find out about this pregrancy because Kiri in WoTW have ~12 years. Time skip between A1 and A2 have over 15 years, so there is possible scenerio that Grace's Avatar was just lying 3 for years.

  11. Kiri is actually voiced by Sigourney Weaver, who played Grace in Avatar!

  12. Kiri, do you just took both pills from Morpheus?

  13. My friend got kick by toxic 12yo for no bigger reason. It's was his first time with TF2. He never played this game again...

  14. Oh, that's interesting. I didn't realize they glossed over the whole idea of a human controlling the Na'vi body in part 2. They do assume you already know that. In part 2, you do see Norm Spellman still using his Na'vi body the original way, even though they never show his human form in the chamber. I am not sure if all the villains in part 2 were permanently Na'vis, or were in tubes controlling them from afar.

  15. Oh, yeah, those are interesting as well. I wonder how much Cameron thought about the audience who didn't see the first one or did he just assume everyone saw it?

  16. It's been 13 years, and first movie is in Top 3 films in Box Office. If everyone saw "Titanic" it's normal that he could assume everyone seen "Avatar" too

  17. You could have so called "Ghosting".

  18. What is beam tower for (From plot point)? It's some type of navigation point? It's checking if halo ring is in one peace?

  19. I think the opposite team have tryhard spy with 100+ score...

  20. It will have more FPS for sure, becase you have low-res textures with no BSP maps attached. Im more curious how stable it is, and is it possible to beat the game in this state.

  21. I cant belive that we need Wait year to get full game XD

  22. For me chorus trilogy is the best one, it's have beginning, midle and ending. Nice new characters, evolution of older ones and tex arc was finished (I was so fu*king bored of Tex) in short: I like quality of this season in general.

  23. I was trying to make my own version but I lost my enthusiasm.

  24. Why he have bread on his neck in 5th photo?

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