1. If any RPG makes sense on a VTT, it’s this one. Looks great!

  2. So admittedly I haven't had chance to try this mod yet, and I'm not knocking the hard work that went into it, but this does not seem playable in its current state...

  3. Your mileage may vary. I’ve played through with my wife and it was mostly stable for us. Pretty light mod list and I still think we got lucky. That said, it’s making an old engine do something it’s not really meant to do so a bit of jank is unavoidable no matter how much they manage to fix it up.

  4. Yeah I've noticed that despite being a relatively small portion of the left overall, tankies make up a huge portion of moderators of online leftist spaces as well as a fairly big portion of leaders of leftist orgs. They seem especially good at worming their way into positions of power.

  5. Who woulda thought that authoritarians would be attracted to power?

  6. As someone with minimal experience with real firewood (typically just use the artificial stuff, our fireplace doesn’t really heat the home but is more for ambiance), how do you balance moisture and wood storage? I’ve kept real logs outside before, but the snow just makes them difficult to light up. Obviously I could cover them up, but I’m wondering how people solve this when camping or otherwise

  7. Covered wood shed keeps them kinda dry, then a rack next to the furnace/stove/fireplace with more wood on it. Fire dries out wood on rack. None of this is relevant to camping but works well for a permanent installation.

  8. Be careful dumping into constitution. You might not be able to make that dex saving throw.

  9. Looks like it could be a Darkest Dungeon mod model. =)

  10. Trunk opens on demand, but it charges you $1 per open. Because micro transactions

  11. There’s just a card reader on every door handle where the keyhole used to be

  12. Are we not gonna address the monster going for the titty grab?

  13. This is spoofed right? I mean, this dude is legit fucked but even by his standards this is insanity.

  14. GotY: I was a teenage Exocolonist. Fun visual novel with socialist, ecologic and LGBT+ themes, although it does not properly engage with systemic issues, it does propose an interesting situation, and the narration and characters are superb.

  15. Elden Ring was a bummer because I think they felt pressure to go bigger, but it came at the expense of balance and the game actually feeing fun. There’s a lot of promise there, but the game could benefit from some pruning.

  16. Game of the Year: Going Under. It’s not from this year but it’s new to me. If not expressly anti capitalist it at least makes fun of corporate/startup culture, from buzzwords to the art style and emphasizes the exploitation inherent in the internship system. Gameplay is a bit simple, but it’s fun breaking a coffee pot on someone’s head, realizing you have no weapons, and grabbing the nearest sturdy objet to finish them off with.

  17. It is abusable, sure. If it gets abused you need to talk to your players. Pretty much all TTRPGs have rules that can be abused, but they assume everyone is playing in good faith and won’t do anything that ruins everyone’s fun.

  18. No rush friend, I appreciate it. Audio is probably better, that way I can get educated at work.

  19. Ah damn that's an oversight. The augmentation dice are the same size as your hemocraft die, that part of the text must have gotten lost in one of the revisions.

  20. Here’s the thing. I loved dead island, but not because it was good. It’s not a good game. The story and characters are bland, the tone is inconsistent, the combat got old, and it was a buggy mess. I loved it because it was bad. I have memories of playing online with my brother and our friend and just riding the wave of insanity and trying to kill each other.

  21. I mean, this comic wasn’t made with good intentions most likely. But there’s a point here. Considering the environmental cost of construction and the fossil fuels often used in charging, electric cars are not the answer to our problems.

  22. I think they're just closing the wound until they can get to a better healer or a prosthetic

  23. Lucky for them they are coming into possession of a prosthetic arm soon

  24. My first character was a halfling and I wanted him to be fat, so I made him 200 pounds. I figured, for a short guy that’s gotta be on the plump side. Only after did I realize just how short halflings are and how much weight that was. Did not change the character though, just ran around with a morbidly obese character.

  25. Oh no, he's giving most of his wealth though. It's not like it's an attempt to tax evade like Bill Gates did (who is now richer than ever)

  26. True. If Jeff has shown one thing, it’s humility and genuine care for his fellow man. Giving up his wealth and not just pretending to like all the other billionaires would be so in character for him!

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