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  1. they got manipulated now people are trying to sell them all

  2. tw was also duped but all the duped ones are pc only i believe

  3. I’ll take the set now gt AC3 MG

  4. hey yea, i dont check reddit often so just shoot me a dm on xbox when you're ready to trade

  5. ill have to pass sorry, was thinking more like 300

  6. theres a few asking between 160-200 on rlg so cant go higher sorry

  7. ah then yea i could try add like 6k? idk what gk would add on tw octane i dont think it's much

  8. The worst part of this is the fact that he's 14

  9. aww hell nah man i gotta go back and delete some comments

  10. dont forget the nissan and bmw on the ford side too. love both of them because of the customisation

  11. I mean so were Emeralds at one point, but both items still weren’t NEARLY as much as TW, or even Grey apex are, with TW still being over 50k and Grey being almost 20K

  12. meh tw dune was hitting mid 30k when they put it in rlcs. only 10-15k less than apex is rn

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