‘Twas the night before Goidfall..

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  1. Lads, this season of America REALLY sucks.

  2. I used to hang out in gaming cafes like twenty years ago and i can distinctly remember the Chinese gamers shouting TONIMA, which translates to "Fuck your mother" very loudly anytime one of them died.

  3. Let's not forget she was a horrible human, spread misinformation, was anti vaxx, approved of what happened on January 6th and was scientologist.

  4. I once came here asking for advice on builds and a dude chewed me the fuck out over the course of many replies, basically telling me i shouldn't be here.

  5. Add it to Steam as a custom game and run it through that.

  6. HOTAS + Valve Index, recently got 3080TI so I can nearly max the graphics and boy, its pretty.

  7. My new anti-bug attitude could be a big problem for the goids.

  8. Amazing half baked story that doesn’t contain enough information. Thanks. For. That.

  9. I'm from Ireland and this makes me wanna vomit.

  10. Welcome Thargoid Vessel. We have a landing pad prepped for you.

  11. I was just about to head there, definitely rethinking that now.

  12. What next? Somebody will be murdered, and then where are we? Drive by shootings in the night, it'll be like Boys n the Hood. And then they'll have hoes selling their wares in the middle of the street and the pimps will be using crack cocaine to keep the whores under control.

  13. And that's why I don't mount TV 's to my walls.

  14. To be frank we should start gene editing sooner or later i mean if a baby can be smarter without ill sideeffects why not make it so

  15. I worked gigs in the Point/o2/3 Arena and the RDS for years and Daniel is actually mad sound. Good sense of humor, we ribbed him about a singing christmas card we found on stage after a show one year and ended up roasting us in turn.

  16. I miss lockdown traffic or, the lack of traffic.

  17. My older sister has probably never worked a day in her life and she's got a gaff with three kids.

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