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  1. DayZ is my absolute favorite its a challenge and they have put alot of work into it runs so much better than back in the day not sure if they fixed the problem with dupers or not tho. Conan is also such a great time but unfourtunatly 1 or 2 super clans usually control the best areas and bully anyone who tries to play and its almost impossible to oppose them.

  2. Folks complain about SUVs for some weird reason. But I don’t get pickup trucks at all unless you’re on the job.

  3. I camp, hunt, fish, do plenty of yard work and DIY. How am I doing those things while hauling 3 kids, 2 dogs and 2 adults? Trucks have a very large place in modern-day America.

  4. Unless you're towing a trailer or hauling a whole heel of a lot. You can do those things with a van just as easily. Or ya know, the good ol station wagon. Heck, I'm pretty sure you could make it work with a Camry or accord unless you've just got a huge amount of stuff. Point is, a lot of people think they 'need' a truck when they really don't.

  5. No way in heck is a minivan driving on back road that requires 4WD.

  6. Maybe I'm missing something, we're new to the area. So much of what we've seen of Suamico is lowland/swampy looking.

  7. Hmm weird. My family is fully vax'd, make a decent living and are extremely liberal and we own a house in Suamico.

  8. I have not experienced this, perhaps try to reinstall? (Series X and S)

  9. Once sun setting happened , they lost me forever. I'd LIKE to play it again, but why... they lost my trust

  10. They said they aren't doing that anymore if I recall correctly

  11. This looks super cool, and I would love to get back into Destiny. Does anyone have a recommendation of the best way for someone who played from D1Y1 until D2 Shadowkeep to get back into the game? I've tried a few times and always felt overwhelmed, but I really miss the world and lore of this game. Ideally, I'd like to get up to date on the story as well.

  12. I started recently playing again too and it still is overwhelming. My plan for now is to just play modes (PvP, Gambit), some quests here or there and then really dive in once the new expansion comes out and focus on that content.

  13. Did this for my my wife last night. (Alapecia) it broke my heart to do it for her, it was an honor to do it with her. Had enough to donate mine. Hope some little girl gets a nice wig made.

  14. My wife is starting to go through Alapecia, but I already shave my head as I am bald. I keep joking that we need to change our last name to Mr. and Mrs. Balding. She enjoys the humor.

  15. Aaron Donald, Nick Bosa and possibly Will Anderson chasing Geno next year? Ugh! We best make some interior O-line upgrades along with our D-line upgrades!!!

  16. Donald may have retired per his Twitter bio a couple days ago. Here's to hoping!

  17. Happy for the dolphins. Hope this remains a good game.

  18. My HomePods are the least reliable apple product I own. Constant stuttering and delayed playback when no other device in my house has trouble streaming 4k. They need to do better

  19. Yes. What I’ve noticed is that my HomePods are sooooo dependent on a perfect connection. If they’re on the edge of a medium or poor connection they suck.

  20. Two kids in daycare currently. $294 for one and $200 for the other, a week, for daycare. $1,000 per paycheck is going into daycare. Sigh.

  21. Well. We know what the house will use to impeach him.

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