Poland puts its WW2 losses at $1.3 trillion, demands German reparations

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  1. how weird. I wear trainers all the time, but would never wear joggers or other sportwear. The reason for trainers is that I walk everywhere and other shoes make me much slower and my ankles start to hurt soon.

  2. Any updates on this? I am worried about your friend OP.

  3. As a European I think it is ideological. Capitalism = you can't have anything good for free. Since public toilets are free, they purposefully made them as unpleasant as possible, so nobody gets something marginally nice for free.

  4. Nie znam Europy Wschodniej. Znam Polskę i Czechy, Węgry, Niemcy, Austrię. Mieszkam w UK, i będąc tutaj czuję się bardziej częścią Europy Wschodniej, z tego powodu że byliśmy częścią bloku wschodniego- a Europa Zachodnia nie ma pojęcia o tym doświadczeniu. Nie wie jak to jest być z kraju pomiędzy Rosją a Niemcami- bo Rosja im bezpośrednio nie zagrażała tak samo jak nam.

  5. to mi coś wyjaśniło, czego nigdy nie rozumiałam: dlaczego się marnuje zasoby i umiejętności ludzkie w firmach. Nie można było tak szczerze od początku? Interes firmy jest twoim interesem, powiedzieć wprost? Bo takie traktowanie budzi raczej niechęć do firmy, i poczucie że jest wroga, niż lojalność.

  6. The internet is not the best place to seek such advice. Speak to your psychiatrist. Tell them of your concerns. If you are uncertain about what they say, ask for a second opinion.

  7. Recently: Ignoring random people trying to talk to me. I would usually respond if someone tried talking to me, politely refusing to engage. I still do, if it's a homeless person. But I just had enough of charity fundraisers or people trying to grab my attention otherwise, such as a guy trying to chat me up. I know people ignore such interactions normally... but I just felt bad for people if it is their job, and I felt it doesn't cost me much to be polite. But if they jump at me from the side, trying to get to me? Fck off. It was so liberating not replying, so I will continue doing it. If it makes me more of a dck in my own eyes, so be it.

  8. A charity fundraiser guy once followed me down the street screaming at me to give to some children's charity. Tried to stop me going past him then followed me for 200m or more shouting at me about how I'm a bad person if I don't give money to the children, properly causing a scene. I snapped, turned around and screamed back at him "I don't even like children so fuck off and leave me alone!" He screamed some more but stopped following me at least. They were still there when I came back from work a while later but he wasn't.

  9. I am sure it was annoying when it happened and I sorry you had that experience, but at least it is funny when retold!

  10. Cold? It is not that cold, it is a mild temperate climate so temperatures below zero are relatively rare. I love it. I wish there was somewhere I could go during summer though.

  11. A co to za grzyb na dole drugiego zdjęcia, z niebieskawą końcówką nóżki? Nie znam się na grzybach więcej niż konsument, ale u nas w domu zawsze mówiono że sine/ niebieskie to znaczy że trują. Prawda to?

  12. Eh, not really a factor. My best friend is 8 years older than I am, the majority of my close friends are 4-10 years older than I am. I also have a handful of friends who are 10 years younger (I’m 35). We have plenty in common. Hell, my work wife is in her late 50s and we talk about EVERYTHING; we double date with our partners, we go drinking together.

  13. anyone who is ok with using the expression "work wife" has lost their moral compass. We spend at work most of lives, and calling your work friend with the word "wife" only accentuates that you spend more time with them that an actual wife. It sucks. Why use the same word for your actual wife, and a work friend? Its gross.

  14. I’m sorry you don’t like your coworkers enough to build meaningful relationships with them. Krystal is my homie. I’d give her a kidney if she needed it.

  15. Why do other meaningful relationships have to have a name competing with a relation that is by definition singular? I am sorry you are incapable of seeing marriage as a singular thing in life. Think about it.Would you call your work bestie a "work husband" if they were a guy? Would you refer to your college buddies as "college husbands" or "college wives"? Would your refer your sister as "family wife? There are 100ds of meaningful relationships in life. Marriage is one of them and it is "unique" if you name everything and everyone after it, it stopps having meaning. People don't refer to their partners as "wife" unless they are actually married, or were together common law for a long time. And you think it's ok to give that name to someone who will never actually be your wife? That is demanding to them and the word.

  16. Washes the dye out. If you've got jeans that stay the same colour after washing every 2 wears for years please tell me what brand cos I want some!!

  17. Same, apart from 100% woolen jumpers. I dont wear them at home much, but always wear them on top of another top. I have one that wore a few times a month in the colder months since buying it last year- and I recently did the smell test on it and it basically smells new. I have no idea how it works. wool is amazing!

  18. Gender. Some people do let it influence their choices a lot, to an irrational level.

  19. I encourage you to read up on chaos magic and on the psychological model of magic.

  20. No carpets: problem solved, and a more clean home all around.

  21. Carpet sucks without pets. Area rugs are fine, but fully carpeted floors are gross. They're incredibly hard to keep clean, and you don't even know how dirty they truly are until you do some shit like in this gif. They retain everything. First thing I did when I bought my house was replace all the carpet with hardwood.

  22. I never understood why carpets are so popular, especially in the English- speaking world. They are less popular in Europe. They seem like a perfect recipe for collecting all the dirt, and never being able to have a really clean home. I live somewhere with carpets in the hall and it makes the place fell so gross. Big kudos to you for spreading the words of wisdom!

  23. what I find weird is the wording. "rent" implies a business relationship, with obligations and rights. Their enforcement is completely impossible in a family setting, so much so that if you need landlord references, you cannot use family for that purpose. You have no normal tenancy rights, living with parents. And if you cannot pay - it is unlikely they will be able to get you evicted. So zero usual tenant/ landlord protections.

  24. Poland is built on grudge. They have grudges against the Germans, the Russians, Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians... Sweden (if you go far enough back in history), Lithuania, Ukraine....

  25. I genuinely don't know what you are on about, because you mentioned a lot of nations that I never knew Poles to have a grudge against, and failed to mention all the ones that we could genuinely be accused of holding a grudge against. We don't have anything against Czechs, Hungarians, Slovaks. If anything they are considered nations that we shared local history with. Lithuanians - if anything it would be possibly them feeling off about Poles, because of our past shared history. I don't know how they feel about - did we wrong them? I don't know & this is something worth looking into.

  26. Take a walk through Warsaw. Every 100 meters there is a plaque or a statue commemorating something horrible. Every other street is named for something or someone related to WWII. I know it was bad, but they are really rubbing it in. Warsaw is almost one big monument to grudge. It is everywhere, and I am sure it is also in your schools.

  27. Wait until you walk through Berlin and see their Stolpersteine and Gendenkstätte. History is not to be forgotten.

  28. As a German I know once said "what's the point of having a watch and why did we even invent the concept of time, if people are 30 mins late to a meetup". He's not wrong.

  29. As a half-German person who hates being early to something- what on earth do you do for the 15 -30 minutes you are early? Sit around doing nothing? I could use this time to read or do something useful - but I will not be able to enjoy or get engaged in doing it if I know the event is starting in 15 min. So by being early I am wasting cumulatively a lot of time.

  30. why is no drivers license a red flag?! Is this an american thing?

  31. Jak myślisz że zarodek to dziecko, to coś nie wyszło z edukacją w twoim przypadku

  32. Nie myśle że zarodek to dziecko. Myślę że zarodek to jedno z pierwszych stadiów procesu rozwoju życia, procesu który kulminuje się w postaci dziecka. Jak ten proces jest zaczęty, z celem otrzymania dziecka, a potem zatrzymany na ileś lat bo zarodków jest więcej niż ciąż, to jest jakieś dziwactwo etyczne. Nie lubię religii, a tym bardziej jak ludzie bawią się w boga. I mnie mrozi jak ludzi hoduje się jak zwierzęta hodowlane.

  33. Jak nie lubisz religii, to nie podporządkowuj się religijnym narracjom. Korzystanie ze zdobyczy nauki to nie zabawa w boga. Rozmnażanie to zwykły proces biologiczny, bóg nie ma w nim żadnego udziału. Człowiek nie jest istotą wyjątkową

  34. I've been reading some books on psychopathy recently and I think Priti is a textbook example of one.

  35. As someone who has friends studying psychology, you can't just pick up a few books and start diagnosing people like Dr Phil. There's a lot of nuance and shared symptoms for mental health problems and disorders.

  36. True, but there is something called the "psychopathic stare" Once you seen a few examples you start to be able go recognise it. That's what I am basing this on.

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