This man was in the process of filing a grievance against these cops for having seized some of his property. The cops started showing up at his home with their weapons drawn at times. He wasn't having it anymore.

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  1. Unless it’s 3 star or better bubble or sift, my experience has been that the impurities will burn immediately and stain the shit out of your banger. If it works well for you though, that’s great! Maybe I just went in too hot.

  2. On a ceramic cup like the dtv5, puffco, lightning pen, etc, even if it’s not full melt, any residue wipes off easily with a qtip.

  3. I'm about to order my first machine. Which 1 to 2 screws are you talking about? I was planning on using the work bag, but may follow your advice and just wash without one.

  4. One holds the agitator and the other holds this little white plastic grate thing that covers the drain. Tbh I don’t screw in that plastic grate I just pop it in because the agitator basically hold it down

  5. I got mine for 30 bucks at a thrift store lol. Just go with whatever one is cheap on the washers and make sure to get a replacement smooth hose to replace the corrugated one with.

  6. This one says 8 pumps per gallon. Hard to convert that to gph. I really like that I don’t have to dunk a whole pump into my water with this style though, seems a bit more sanitary. Also no electricity used is a bonus

  7. There are aquarium pumps like this that can be converted to in-line pumps so you don’t have to submerge them. I’ve been playing around with recirculating tech too and I’ve started to shift my thinking a bit. What I want to try and implement next is a pump for the bottom of the collection container that’s able to refill the washer at the same rate that it drains. Then, I’ll do shorter 5-10 minute washes and then a phase where it’s washing while draining and recirculating water to flush out the hash while it’s being stripped off the buds.

  8. You'll have alot more to clean out of your machine with out the bag.

  9. I’ve had the ooze one for a while, I did drop it and it chipped off part of the black glaze on one spot. I just got the 3 grams version this week at a local shop and it does feel more well made. Both are around $20 bucks.

  10. What’s the cost like on something this size? And would it be possible to put together a model specifically for adding supplemental UV? Might be better to have a few of these smaller boards that I could Daisey chain together and have them ran on a separate timer/smart plug..

  11. Okay so for some insight into political theory, liberals are inherently a moderate group between the right (capitalism, authoritarianism, fascism) and the left (communism, anarchism, direct democracy). History has shown no less than a dozen times that when the right starts rallying in the name of fascism, liberals will always, always sell out the left (either rounding them up for execution, killing them outright etc) in order to assure their own comfort and survival in the fascist state instead of allying with the left in order to prevent the fascist state.

  12. The only way I’d die next to a liberal is when they inevitable stab me in the back to cozy up to the fascists.

  13. According to MacIssac’s lawyer, he spent may days extracting the information from the drive, turning it on and making a copy bits and pieces at a time before the laptop would crash again. I’m not a technician but this sounds like total bullshit to me. The laptop was supposedly water damaged, so that he could even get it to start up would be dubious at best. Any real tech lab would have pulled the drive and sent it to a recovery specialist in my opinion.

  14. As an IT guy who has done lots of low-level data recovery, the thing that stands out to me is that you wouldn’t try and extract the data from the machine like that if it’s water damaged and crashing. You pull the goddamn hard drive and hook it up to another machine and run low-level recovery software on it. That can take literally days to run. But if the board on the hard drive is shit out, you have to either find the exact same hard drive (same revision, FW, etc) and swap out the board. That’s also for regular hard drives. If it’s a current SSD-type (most likely) if it gets wet it’s fucked.

  15. Most definitely better. I would say QueensBanner is my favorite of all the autos.

  16. Personally I thought the pope banner was better but diff strokes for diff folks. Plus I haven’t seen PB available anywhere in a while.

  17. Check out this pipe heater for trailers

  18. Thanks man, I think I could make that work. Although currently I’ve been trying to wrap my head around a way to regulate the water flow difference between the draining machine vs a pump in the bottom of the collection bucket recycling it back into the washing machine. Maybe the answer is 2 buckets in the deep freeze, one with bags for collection, then another that’s just a chilled water reservoir and let it constantly recycle water from bottom of collection bucket to res bucket then back out and into the washer.

  19. I mean, its not the "most corrupt on earth" but it probably one of the TOP 10 of corrupt ones with the most blood on their hands.

  20. Go find a DabCap at a local vape shop. Or go to and get one from them, theirs are kinda tiered

  21. If that was a thing in the 90s you might be right. One hell of a battery to still work after 20+ years

  22. It’s a secondary battery on the main board that saves the settings when the main batteries are pulled. Also known as a Real Time Clock battery.

  23. I’ve got the 10-ton and I had the same debate. Glad I got the gauge. Put it this way..if you don’t get it, you’ll wish you did every time you press and question the output lol

  24. Depending on your insurance and your particular situation you could look into a biological option. I've had moderate to severe ulcerative colitis since I was about 13 years old. From 13 until about 22 I was taking pills that helped manage flare-ups but suddenly nothing worked and I was on Prednisone for a year looking into surgical options. I switched to a biologic drug called Entyvio which is only a 30-minute infusion every 8 weeks and it's like I don't even have ulcerative colitis anymore. I'm 33 and haven't had a flare up in years. I could eat bacon covered bacon with bacon sandwiches and have no colon related issues from it.

  25. If you’re already smashed and you smoke, you’re gonna get the 2Ps. Puke and Pass-out.

  26. Fold over that 25u collection screen. take some folded up paper towels and put the screen between paper towels and squeeze as much water out as you can while kinda shaping/mounding the chunks into like a block or a couple little blocks. Then freeze the block until it’s fully frozen, then microplane onto parchment in a pizza box. (Protip, get a new fresh microplane and make sure you only rub one direction on it, otherwise it’ll dull it and fuck it up, i went through a couple before learning this). Once it’s dried out to the point where it sounds like sand when you scrape it around, I’ll collect it up and run it through a sifter and then ill jar it up or bag it up for pressing.

  27. I think it more depends on how many dabs you take at a time typically? I’ve had the lightning pen about a week now. My impression so far is that as far as a small pen for on-the-go dabs, the flavor out of the LP is a 10/10 and build quality is top-notch. My only single issue personally is just having to reload it after 2-3 puffs, but it’s still awesome so far.

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