1. Ok, you don't sound British and the way you keep saying "Bri'ish" and forcibly dropping the T is basically just a meme and not how the majority of people from the UK talk or pronounce things. You also need to realise that we have a LOT of accents and not just one. The UK is broken up into several countries and each country is broken up into multiple counties. Every single county has at least one unique accent so realistically if you want to sound British then you need to pick one specific accent and stick with it. While it's the work of a comedian I highly recommend looking on Youtube for Jimmy Car's guide to accents as he highlights a few regional ones and explaims a good process for talking in them via a few key sentences to practice the unique sounds of each one.

  2. Lol I wish I was the same way. I've got 3 Praetors, a sorceror, and about 5 Tactical Marines painted up. I've got so much more left, including Knights, a warhound, and some Thousand Sons aligned Mechanicus and Imperial Army. Big goals and ambitions with little motivation is my big block rn. Good luck on your other projects by the way! I'm sure they'll come out great!

  3. A warhound!?! Respect for that and good luck pinning that beast together! And I'm more motivated to build than paint usually. I have a fully painted 2.5k Tau army that's only half based, Death Guard army that's around half painted, Chaos Knights that's half painted and just don't look in the suspicious pile of rattly Amazon boxes. I mean that. Then you might see a few unpainted Kill Teams, Blood Bowl teams, a few random unpainted Eldar, a small primed and abandoned Sisters army, Blackstone Fortress and ooohhh... about 2.5k of totally unpainted orks I got burned out on after building! I'm really really lazy usually. Seriously lazy. That Tau army only took me 2 weeks to paint with shortcuts.

  4. Don't be that impressed, it's a 3d print. I'll share pics when I get home but it's fairly ok. I'm honestly debating on turning it into a terrain piece. And I can relate to the many projects, I play Guard so you know how many guys I gotta paint still... Though, tanks are easier than infantry. My pile of shame isn't as large as it used to be, luckily. I had 40k Thousand Sons and 40k Space Marines, but I sold em a while back. Space Marines I only got because I... yeah I have no clue LOL. Thousand Sons were gonna be my main army, but then I discovered how much of a pain they are to paint and I said 'screw it' and went with HH Tsons instead, and luckily for me it was around that same time when plastic HH kits started dropping. I can't say I've ever 100% painted an army though, but I'm planning on changing that soon with either Guard or TSons next.

  5. Haha! Yeah, I had a similar issue when I made my 40k Skaven army. Chaos models look good but all that trim... it's even more annoying than playing 'hunt the purity seal'! I'd forgotten about guard... did start a renegade guard army too but then they started with the new plastic renegade KT kits and I sort of lost heart although still pleased with my chaos ogryns. But yeah, that's another 2 armies I forgot about. Skaven's at least painted if not based though and was pretty fun to do.

  6. It's not all that complicated. The end, ends with the antagonistic duo in custody.

  7. So, happiness based off of a lie is still happiness? That... actually makes sense to me. Nice one, thanks!

  8. If there was a moral, it wasn’t a good moral and it was unclear. Those people on that planet seemed like they were brainwashed. “Paradise” is 1 of my least favorite DS9 episodes.

  9. Fair. I quite liked it the first time up until the ending, then young me got confused and wasn't sure. Now here we are 20 odd years later and it still bothers me.

  10. As a British chap I had never heard of this doc and now having watched it thanks to this post... damn. I had no idea just how fricking weird shit had got for you guys. I mean... wow, and I thought we had some nutters over here but this doc was truly disturbing. Thanks!

  11. David Icke vs Alex Jones epitomizes the Altantic divide. Icke is insane but intelligent. He writes books and gives lectures. Alex Jones gets drunk and shoots guns in between yelling into the dark corners of the internet

  12. I can't help but feel you're giving the Ickester too much credit there. I've tried reading a couple of his books before and they seem to largely consist of the same gibberish being spouted again and again for a couple of hundred pages each time. I'd agree there might be some vague intellectual difference between the two but overall I suspect the main distinction is that Davey Boy knows how to towel off his sweat while Alex always looks uncomfortably damp and hot to me which I think for both of them is just knowing their respective audiences expectations for credibility.

  13. That is some obscenely skilled work. Fair play to you!

  14. What models did you use for the robots in the top left?

  15. Those are a unit of Vorax from Forgeworld, I got them to go with my Praevian. Hoping to make a Forge Lord and use a RoW to be able to take more automata with the army if I can since TS in lore always seemed to rely on robot backup due to low numbers of marines.

  16. How did you get that glossy red? I plan on painting my 40k TSons pre heresy

  17. Easy peasy, prime everything with a nice gold spray, I used Citadel's Retributor Armour, then hit it with a thin coat of Tamiya Clear Red Spray (TS-72). Gives a good metallic candy red and the gold keeps it a touch warmer than a silver.

  18. Teachers. It was released at the turn of the century and is like a time capsule of what being at British high schools was like back then.

  19. The only thing I've ever enjoyed James Corden in! Good call, I'm gonna have to dig out my dvd boxsets and stick them on this week.

  20. I did the maths for this the other day and it worked out that fractionally over 0.0002% of the population gave him nominations.

  21. That's why I said nominations, even his own party didn't vote for him.

  22. The only way you'd earn that money in retail is in management roles.

  23. Thanks for posting this! I'd seen the memes around but had no idea of the tiktok thing as I'm ancient (40) and too grumpy for that thing. I have to say though that now it's explained, from my perspective as a professional ecological surveyor specialising in mycology, it got even funnier. JoL are really rare over here in the UK but to fail to be able to ID anything as/not as CotW is hilarious to me. I'm quite understanding with a lot of misidentifications but that's a prize winning bit of idiocy! So yeah, cheers for the explanation, I'm going to be chuckling about this for hours!

  24. If x axis is a-e and y is 1-5. May I ask what is d-2? (Red and white, kind of upside down).

  25. That is so awesome!!! The Great Glen Way is at the top of my bucket list! I never thought about camping, I'm maybe not rugged or outdoorsy enough. But it's such a gorgeous trip!

  26. Although I camp a lot I wasn't sure if I was good enough to do it walking and tbh I was barely able to cope with the weight of my pack. You can always do it with a bike though so you could put your stuff on panniers and just cycle along which I think would certainly make it an easier challenge to accomplish and give you more chance of enjoying the views rather than spending the last couple of hours each day in a mind wearying trudge. Plenty of places along the route to pop a small tent and roughly midway is Fort Augustus where there are shops etc for luxury treats and a chippy which I really enjoyed even if it was a little pricey. Also if you reach out to the canal association they'll give you a key for several handy toilet/shower blocks along the route so you can avoid hole digging and stay relatively fresh and clean if you wanted.

  27. That's really good to know about the toilet key! I've read that there are sleeping accommodations (hostels, b&b, etc) spaced along the route such that you can walk from one to the next in a day -- did you find that to be accurate? Or were you not paying attention to other lodgings because you were camping?

  28. I'm afraid I didn't look into accomodations at all but there are probably places to stay fairly regularly depending on how far you want to/can walk in a day and if you follow the path or the road. I know there's some kind of baggage transport service available between formal campsites as we were initially looking into doing that to make our carrying stuff easier until we decided to just plough through it with hammocks under the concept of 'the romance of suffering'. We didn't see very many fully packed out people walking it but we did see a lot of Julias going each way so it's probably quite a popular option. (To explain, that terminology comes from a game we invented a few years back in honour of how little Countryfile presenters seem to carry with them when doing walks or mountains unlike us. You simply find a discreet reason for your hiking partner to hold onto your bag for a few seconds then immediately you skip off unencumbered while singing "I'm Julia Bradbury!" And yes, we are pathetically immature for a couple of 40yr olds.)

  29. The pointy wet bits have their moments for sure!

  30. Nice one! You're going to be so close to so many of the most beautiful places you should consider me green with envy!

  31. Damn, check out the greater goodness of that paint job!

  32. That's epic. For a first attempt that's totally fucking epic. You should find a way to show the clowns it, I'm sure Shags himself would be impressed!

  33. I was worried it might be tech-heresy!

  34. I was worried it might be tech-heresy!

  35. You def sound British but in a fairly well spoken yet generic way, like you went to one of the posh universities or have tried to hide your true accent by overly focussing on pronounciation. To be clear, I'm British and I am unable to suggest any region of the UK that you might have specifically come from but I wouldn't immediately assume you weren't from here, just that you were someone who was/wanted to be posh.

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