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  1. I'm 33 and also had never been on birth control before with the exception of one year in college that was hell. The birth control was worse for me than stims. I was a total monster. I was just completely pissed off and crying the whole time. I felt SO much better in my head once stims started. Then a bit worse again after the ER, and now finally leveling out a few days into my first period. Hang in there❤️

  2. Thank you so sharing, feel so much better and touched by everyone's response. Good to know I'm not alone and it's so odd the clinic did not mention any of this potential side effect, thank goodness for Reddit! Thank you, will hang in there ❤️

  3. I feel you. I have depression and major mood swings on bc too. I just posted a rant ab it. I just try to remind myself it’s hormonal and I won’t feel this way forever and try to busy myself. Hugs.

  4. OP, you are not alone. There are many people in Singapore who are depressed. It's hard, a lot of people seem to be able to handle it like a champs and there are likewise a hell lot of people who are crumbling inside too.

  5. Yes you did the right thing, please never stop being you. We need more people like you, people who care. I appreciate you OP :slightly_smiling:

  6. OP, nothing wrong with you thinking about money all day if money was hard to come by when you are young. Do not be afraid to stretch yourself like a rubber band when you are young OP - some things to think about - start businesses, work / live overseas, take risks, find what excites you, learn about crypto, options, securities and futures! You have a long road ahead of you OP, enjoy the ride!

  7. Not sure why you are here looking for validation for what you have done from a bunch of strangers? I don't know you but you sound like a person who validates difficult decisions with alot of seemingly valid reasons or to the most judgemental of people - with alot of excuses. You may want to reflect on this and start taking a hard look at your life. I feel utmost sorry for your 2 cats, they had no choice nor say but you did, and yet you are here writing and claiming as though you didn't had a choice.

  8. Wow, what an article. Thanks Andrea for sharing your story of courage, bravery and optimism. You are a great human being, may you be blessed with good health from now. Your husband as well, a good man indeed. May your both lives be filled with happiness and joy you rightfully deserve.

  9. Open IBKR account and buy VWRA ETF on the FTSE, DCA in religiously. Good luck!

  10. Bruh, do something meaningful with your time like play league of legends. 💪

  11. I was bullied severely as well back in Junior College and know how you feel from eating alone in classrooms cause no one wanted to have recess with me and I didn't want to be seen by people in my class to give them something to laugh about. Choosing to always be walking around with earphones on so I can pretend I prefer to be alone cause no one wanted to sit with me. My earphones were never in use, they just sat on my ear.

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