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  1. I think that the GME phenomenon is an event that the short sellers didn't plan on at all, definitely didn't plan on how much real DRS ownership would take control of the shorted shares...and they (SHF's, MM's, Prime Brokers, DTCC, et al) definitely don't know how to resolve without some carnage on their side. That is a factor, for certain.

  2. I have seen speculations about SPY/GME but I don't see it, and not between those dates either. What do you see?

  3. I'm not smart enough to tell you what it really *means*, but looking at the pair on the monthly view, they started to behave quite differently in mid-2019. The movement got very chaotic through Feb '21, and once March started, the pair has stayed in a comparatively controlled range.

  4. So I keep some floating levels. I don’t mess w levels I make on the weekly or daily chart but I will adjust 1-2 every day based on yesterdays moves.

  5. Ok, so why was yesterday not a good day? I trade individual stocks only, but I am always willing to learn

  6. Many of the 3 minute candles had long top and bottom wicks, and there was a color change on just about every other candle...there was no conviction in either direction.

  7. Just to say, it's long been said that rc holds shares in apple and Wells fargo but they never show on filings either

  8. The baba one is weird as it certainly sounds like an rc ventures move than a passive personal holding. It could just be he is under 5% total therefore no need to report. Nflx also not filed anywhere.

  9. Unless it's part of a larger chess move of his from a retail/sales standpoint, considering the global market reach of Alibaba, it doesn't seem like that company would be a target of RC the "activist investor"...but my small brain has limited capacity in understanding those types of things.

  10. We are early in the reporting cycle, which for most institutions is standard calendar quarters. So Dec 31 holdings reporting just coming now. Tuesday Feb 14 is the filing deadline.

  11. The filings are done by each institution. Their filing contains info on all of their holdings. Those filings are on the website. So info on all of their holdings are filed at the same time (by each institution).

  12. Something like a "tile" format, for charts and toolbars. Start with a blank canvas, and let the user build out from there.

  13. Thanks for the link...still not sure of the negative implication your post is aiming for.

  14. In my opinion, volume candles are definitely a valid factor to consider (keyword!), but volume candles should not be the main/sole/driving thesis behind a trade.

  15. I always have volume on at the bottom of my chart -- just to check to see if the price action I am seeing is occurring at significantly different (low or high) volume. Just a personal preference, I guess, something I am mindful of but not neurotic about.

  16. The "mindful of but not neurotic about" perspective is kinda what I was's helpful to see it stated that way.

  17. The GME crowd tends to bag on TA in general, but it's tough to deny how well price has respected moving averages, channels/mean reversions, etc. over the last two years...and now the Wykoff pattern. It's kinda fascinating.

  18. This may be an old and dusty post, but I stumbled onto it several days ago, and noticed the Stream Decks in your setup. I had never seen one before, and I picked up one about a week ago...I've been working on getting my hotkeys and macros programmed ever since.

  19. Nice visualization...this appears to be a pretty good proxy for the true scarcity of shares in the market, and their increasing value.

  20. I’m pretty sure the lowest it can go is 17.8 before it hits Vega neutral. Every time this has happened it has rocketed it up 20% at least.

  21. I have a basic understanding of Vega, but it's a bit out of my reach to know how it's calculated and applied to the chart.

  22. "This is theoretical, and the health and fundamentals of the company will obviously need to support share price improvement..." - why? this hasn't been a factor in the share price since 2015.

  23. The financial health of the company was on a steady decline from 2015-2019, as well as the share price.

  24. It wouldn't work. Once the full float is DRSd, it doesn't matter who owns those shares, apes or HF. What will happen is the world will know all real shares are not available for trading on the stock markets.

  25. How many DTEs and what are the deltas of your contacts normally?

  26. I day and swing trade options. Being willing to hold options overnight has lead to a big increase in my win rate and profits. A few caveats to that:

  27. Thanks for the response...a couple of my thoughts on your bullet points:

  28. 13f filings are due 45 days after quarter end. These #’s are for 9/30 and are the most current available to the public.

  29. Not saying you're wrong, and the 13F's may be due at specific dates, but they are submitted and visible to the public on a near daily basis. I keep an eye on it. 🤓

  30. Oh no, you’re correct that these weren’t sold in the last few days. Susquehanna’s last 13f was filed mid-November and showed the reduction, but it wasn’t accounted for in the last update. Credit to

  31. You're getting pummeled with downvotes for your post, but you raise a valid point, and I think I understand what you're getting at.

  32. Price made a substantial move at EXACTLY 1:30, before JPOW even could have spoken his first word. There is no way that in real time, market participants could have had time to absorb what was said and adjust their positions with that kind of instantaneous response...the move was programmed into the algos beforehand.

  33. I believe they released his written statment before at 130 that the algo made the move on

  34. Perhaps, but I've noticed that it always tends to occur like that...where the movement starts immediately.

  35. In my opinion, the layout configuration should be fully customizable. Although there are already several layouts to choose from, every other day there are new requests to add new or different layouts. I think it would be better if you could customize the layouts completely without any restrictions. So both horizontally and vertically each chart could be resized as desired.

  36. I completely detached/floating "tiles" that can be dragged, dropped and resized.

  37. Market makers have nothing to do with what you just described.

  38. It's not an interesting take whatsoever.

  39. There's no need to take a swipe at anyone in this sub for their perceived ignorance...unless you are personally turning the knobs and pulling the levers in the casino control room, your take is a hypothesis also.

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