1. Waiting for Diablo 4 open beta.

  2. None, don't support those prices

  3. Why would you want grill marks?


  5. Who cares what they think, build your own opinion of the game and enjoy it or uninstall it.

  6. Is there sushi? I only see shadow

  7. Question is what you can't do with it

  8. No thank you, too much cheese.

  9. There is this character named Charsi

  10. It's worth holding onto an eye of etlich for casters and a curio for phys chars while you're leveling

  11. How common is it that you level except at ladder start?

  12. I’d say it’s past well done, I’m saying congratulations

  13. I'd say it's past both well done and congratulations, and reached level "how"

  14. Turn off the phone I believe

  15. I gave away a similar one for free

  16. Hard? Have you tried Diablo 2?

  17. Lol, you don't need to spend real money on d2 so I have no problem with that.

  18. You don't need to spend real money on D:I either.

  19. Not only horking, corpse explosions and summons as well.

  20. Yea they don’t explain much actually as for if it is safe or if it is solid for low budget ww especially geared towards horking

  21. I think they do, if you click around on the zerker guide.

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