1. Anyone who thinks looking good is important is shallow and wrong. Makeup and fashion are not interests that anyone worth knowing has.

  2. Many times our mothers project their own insecurities on us.

  3. Yes! This was in my FB memories. Good times

  4. NYC-based reporter who covered this story here. Grubhub told me that they forewarned operators ahead of time but I spoke with multiple reputable NYC based restaurant chains who are SUPER plugged-in and heard nothing (including Mighty Quinn’s and Fresh&Co)

  5. Good question. Not the ones I spoke to. There are a LOT of lawsuits against these third party delivery companies currently.

  6. I think she is SG. I am built very similarly to her but a bit softer and I am TR

  7. The two major weak spots in a team of stars

  8. I myself just wouldn't go that close to my wedding/honeymoon. Your wedding/honeymoon is a (hopefully) once in a lifetime event -- there will be tons of other conferences yes?

  9. I am required to go to this unfortunately. I have no choice.

  10. Sanitise hands like all the time, wear 2 masks if it worries you.

  11. I know you asked for advice about a menstrual cup, and I haven't used one so I can't give my opinion. There is a possible alternate solution you might be interested in.

  12. Thank you! I am not on the pill but good advice for those who are :)

  13. I’ve tried using a cup a few times over the years with similar results. One really bad suctioning experience and a few generally uncomfortable panicky ones.

  14. YES! This is exactly me! I always feel tampons and not to be gross but they always pop out when I go to the bathroom. I actually checked and I am supposed to get my period the day AFTER our beach tour so I might get lucky. I will wear a tampon anyway.

  15. I am a TR and while I do like this gown I don’t love the shape and material on me. The lower half is a thick, stiff material and the bodice does not cut in on my waist.The bottom of the dress is also cut square like a cape, which makes it more severe.

  16. It looks too long on you, perhaps accommodating for “petite” might help with the way the dress feels?

  17. It looks better with heels but it honestly is I think just not right for my body type. The slit does not fall right.

  18. Oh my goodness, you are beautiful. I would lean toward a berry red.

  19. We invited around 250 guests and had 148 show up so I feel you!!!

  20. EXACT SAME! Invited 255 and 146 showed up 🤦🏻‍♀️

  21. Yup. We asked for people to be vaccinated and send a test, and got a 40% decline rate. Was really upset but as it turns out our venue ballroom was a bit tighter than I realized and 145 wad a better fit than the 200 we envisioned.

  22. Gary works as a Tino Martinez jersey at least.

  23. Sadly it was a gift from my fiance and had the name on it.

  24. Damn. I refuse to ever buy a Yankee jersey with a name it just doesn’t feel right.

  25. Yeah, next purchase will def be just the number.

  26. I was sure I was a soft gamine for 3 years. Except I was looking so awkward in anything with a gamine essence. The cuts that flattered gamines made me look quite chubby and I couldn't wear anything without waist emphasis. Color block didn't quite matter and I looked very awkward in anything sleek or boyish. It didn't click that I was a TR at first but it clicked that I Was not a gamine ı wished to be

  27. SG and TR are SO close because they have petite lines. The difference is in the vibe and sharpness.

  28. Again Beltran with 18 seconds of utter nonsense. He really adds nothing to the broadcast.

  29. Def not a fan of this broadcast booth. Bring back Kay/Coney/Paulie

  30. Went to a fancy cocktail event at the 42nd Street Library. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Graham Elliot and The Roots were there. Everywhere you looked were votive candles and people pouring wine.

  31. I really love how much Gleyb’s defense has improved this year

  32. I don’t like Chapman and I 100% agree with you.

  33. This. Older women in my life always told me that they gave fewer and fewer fucks from about 30 onwards. Now that I'm in my early 30s, I feel like they were right. I think as you get more comfortable and secure with yourself, other things start to fall into place a little more easily. I'm no longer trying to force relationships, I'm more willing to walk away from things that are draining me, and I just overall feel like I have a better handle on life than I did ten years ago. It's great!

  34. I did not get that memo :( I am 32 and give more fucks with each passing year. It’s causing me terrible anxiety

  35. I'm also 32 and I feel this. I thought I was giving less fucks but turns out, they just changed. Fuck anxiety. Silence the brains.

  36. She walks in beauty, like the night. Of cloudless climes and starry skies.

  37. I would also love to know. I have tried hard to understand the difference between the two, because I believe I must be either one or the other. So I read about it on bunch of resources, but I am none the wiser. One of them said the difference is that SG has wider shoulders than TR, another, that SG look young while TR look more adult/mature etc. In the end, there is so much conflicting information.

  38. I think SG is more angular and TR is more rounded overall from cheekbones to shoulders. Also gamines in general look cuter with short hair

  39. I am tired of hearing them trying to police women’s bodies.

  40. Hi there! Would be elaborate for OP, your thoughts for TR for them? Thank you so much!

  41. Curves are softer and less angular frame than an SG would be. OP has more softness than angularity/sharpness found in the gamine family. Petite and curve accommodation. Plus we have VERY similar body types and I am a TR

  42. I did not know Judge has never hit a walkoff HR!

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