1. I spent way too much time on this theory recently and uh I could not find a marriage record for them anywhere. Also I found a comment referring to him by another name, that he answered.

  2. That's exactly the vibe I get. I don't want to get too specific, but her only jobs have been in social media management. She's got more plot holes than Narnia.

  3. Yeah, I admit I roped the whole mod team into this escapade one afternoon because all of us together on an issue can be really effective. She certainly has an interesting history and this really just is her latest and most successful venture so far after a photography and acting career.

  4. Lol I love that mental picture. I've worked on research teams before and it's so fun.

  5. So my sister has this setup. My parents downsized to a tiny home 7 years ago and since then have spent winters in the state where my sister lives with her family. That means Mimi and Papa help with school, meals, laundry, gap childcare for the couple hours between when my sister leaves for work and her husband gets home from work. They stay in their tiny home in the driveway, so they have a quiet place to retreat to when they need a break - they are disabled retirees after all. During the summers they stay near me, but we only get together a couple times a month, so they're not nearly as present in my life (and I like it that way).

  6. He's up to about 600 now. Still pretty pathetic compared even to their own other channels

  7. Excuse me ummm Mr. Blartdong is it?....... Yeah excuse me but wtf? Is that his real last name????

  8. He looks like Paul blart when cosplaying cop these days and I forget exactly how we got to dong, I think it was dawn --> dong. So blart + dong. He's also known as Jdip because he's always chewing tobacco.

  9. of course Woodland Park… I was so sheltered from this sort of fundie stuff in my upbringing outside of Chicago, and really wrote it off as “well who would buy this crap anyway”- but when I lived in Colorado Springs it became increasingly evident that fundamentalist cults were broader, insidious, plotting organizations that had strongholds throughout the nation, Colorado Springs being one of the bigger ones.

  10. Howdy neighbor! I have been fighting for the left in this town for over 20 years because I grew up steeped in focus on the family. I have seen the inner workings of fotf and the GOP in Co. I know we have to fight twice as hard. My extensive extended family is super pro theocracy, so I'm determined to be louder and a bigger pain in the ass for my representatives.

  11. I must've missed that, but I can't say I'm surprised. She looked beyond uncomfortable and miserable doing the sex show!

  12. Yeah she had a midnight cry to her YouTube followers about how pressured she feels and how she can't keep up and doesn't want to do videos anymore. You know, stuff she should be saying to her husband and close friends.

  13. Supposedly, but I kinda feel like the venn diagram of patrons and friends is basically a circle

  14. My sister is messianic and in some ways is more observant than me (for Reform). She has kids and hubby in a house, so she's more able to practice big stuff than me a solo person living with non Jewish roommates. But at the same time her observance is skin deep. They will do a Shabbat meal, but dedicate it to Jesus and follow exactly no halacha. She will do a Passover Seder, but it amounts to a few prayers and eating around the Seder plate. There's no Haggadah, the message is freedom under the "blood of the Lamb" (Jesus). I am not making this up, she made challah for one Seder. Meanwhile, I am attending to the Reform/conservative tradition and while I don't have anyone to Seder or Shabbat with at the moment, I daven regularly, attend high holy services at my shul, am reading through the women's Torah commentary, etc. So our practices kind of clash. She annoys me sometimes and I annoy her sometimes, but we've stayed close and respect each other's ability to worship and believe in the way that is most authentic for us. I have seen a steady increase in evangelicals appropriating our stuff as an adult and it really only bothers me when they take a Jewish practice and then Jesus it up. If you wanna join a synagogue for Purim? Go for it! You wanna change Passover into an evangelical altar call? I'm gonna be offended.

  15. For me it's twofold: I'm on the asexual spectrum, and most of the time when someone brings that up in the first Convo they're just looking to get laid and may not be offering a full relationship

  16. Can confirm, fundie parents do this on the regular. And it's not ok. By 9, the extended family would put me in charge of several younger cousins and siblings. I was the baby whisperer, if someone couldn't get a baby down they'd give them to me and they'd pass out on me lol.

  17. I mean, it's been the love language of the Midwest for a century at least lol. Traveled a lot of the Midwest as a kid and every single pastors wife had a new casserole recipe to try out on us. My poor lactose intolerant self suffered.

  18. These are elementary aged students being left with "volunteers"

  19. It's the clear and present danger of abuse for me. Religious schools have some of the worst track records for not just prevalence of abuse but administrative and cultural silencing of victims. We need proper vetting procedures, accountability, etc, if we're going to take away from their actual education to hear Bible stories from a "kindly volunteer"

  20. I am taking certain ones and doing a podcast series reviewing them from the deconstructed lens. I've actually had followers send me books related to IBLP - which was wild when I recognized a couple from my granny's house growing up. Turns out my family was in ifb/IBLP related spheres while we were in ministry though my immediate family never went to any Gothard seminars. I know for sure a couple pairs of aunt's/uncle's went to the seminars and everything. They were very quiverfull. Their family dynamic really creeped me out.

  21. Yup. My family is independent Baptist and I’m still hearing what a bad bad girl I am. They have given me poorly written religious books all my life.

  22. I got told that "I need to look at the trajectory of my life and consider I'm not making wise choices". 🙃 Because I needed to borrow a couple hundred bucks after a paycheck got delayed due to no fault of my own. I thought to myself, you literally raised me and my siblings off of a salary that you begged churches to give us. I'm asking family to help me out in a rare pinch, they were asking strangers to pay us full-time to badger indigenous people about Jesus. The audacity was more than I could handle.

  23. Their place is probably booby trapped

  24. It's a home alone style of gauntlet of dip slicks, lash glue traps, and a web of lies

  25. My two guesses: Colorado (anyway baby incoming) or the rayanch (they're working on moving stuff out there)

  26. Jack n the box does and they 100% know they do ;)

  27. I've had food poisoning from them too many times. Yes, I'm high, but that does not make me resistant to hep a lol Carl's Jr is the jam for me now

  28. Transparent attempt to get “cancelled” and milk that notoriety for a couple weeks of rube clicks until he quits “for his family’s safety.”

  29. Ahh yes, the Britbrat pipeline... How long until they start offering meal planning guides with the help of trainer Joe?

  30. Mr Cactus does not look grumpy. He looks terrified to be involved in this.

  31. I mean, if you've got a stuffed sidekick their behavior/emotions usually have something to do with the book. So it would have made so much more sense to say "Mr cactus, are you hungry? We're gonna read about a very hungry caterpillar!"

  32. We have a monthly discord support group, if that would be helpful. It's a chance to talk to others from similar circumstances at various stages in life. We try to share things that helped us, encouragement, understanding. Let me know if you're interested ☺️

  33. They are absolutely worth it if they are off decent quality. I keep meaning to get a new one but never seem to remember it when I've got the cash on hand.

  34. I chose not to acknowledge their existence. But it could be lumped in with "don't use bad clipart as your main media source"

  35. When our church stopped running Awana, we donated our uniforms, badges, awards etc. to the international missions arm where they were starting Awana clubs in places like Bangladesh. We even sponsored one of those clubs and got an extra patch on our uniforms to show it off. I am thankful I no longer have those items hanging around. I do still have my Grand Prix cars, though, and I'm proud of them :)

  36. I still have my extensive collection of international stamps 😁

  37. literally he’s wearing in the second video too. it’s like bethany and the headband. the potato sack on head is paul’s THING!!

  38. I get the idea behind this. But I feel like you have to put a level of work into it ya know. Actually changing outfits, if you have a hair piece or shirt whatever you want to be your signature keep that but make it a signature style thing, work out the lighting so that shit is consistent thru filming… it’s like all they get to is the concept and don’t do anything of the things to make the concept work

  39. If they took an actual course on media through say Udacity, Udemy, Coursera, etc, they would know these things. But instead they buy Bethany's bullshit both literally and figuratively.


  41. It's an Elizabeth Elliott quote from the 70s, but yeah it has that same energy

  42. I was raised female, groomed to be a missionary/wife/mother. Left the church in college, married an atheist. Had a polyamorous marriage for 11 years. Divorced gasp and remarried a woman double gasp. We also divorced, them I came out as non-binary. I'm running a deconstructioner YouTube channel where I am not kind to conservative evangelicalism, freelancing for nonprofits, and squeezing as many ttrpg games into my week as possible.

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