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  1. Depends a bit on what he meant to accomplish with her appointment, which I have struggled to get a clear read on. There's been some persuasive speculation in the press that they're planning to liberalise immigration a bit to help with the economic crisis, so maybe having a Home Secretary from the right of the party gives them some 'we don't want to but' cover for doing that?

  2. What I really want to see is a dislike button. Things rising to prominence on the basis just of how many 'Likes' it gets is an inherently centrifugal and polarising algorithm. You might not like where Reddit's centre is, but at least you have a sense of what mainstream values are on here and how you are deviating from them, which leads to more civilised and more productive discussion most of the time. A broader platform like Twitter would be really interesting if it was more centripetally designed.

  3. can't believe I had to scroll this far for this joke. Guess there's not a lot of demographic overlap lol

  4. She's not even the Prime Minister any more, except in name. Hunt won't let her until that ludicrous situation resolves itself

  5. Liz Truss’s premiership is finished, even if it hasn’t stopped.

  6. Possibility 1: you are not a house head. This is very rare at this stage, but it’s possible. For example, in one of my games my landed grandfather created a new house, which automatically made me part of his house instead of the head house.

  7. I'd add that given where OP is it's likely they're using or have used Scandinavian elective succession, and I think I'm remembering right to say that succession for things like HoF titles and dynasty and house leadership still follows your realm succession rather than special succession laws. So if Jaufré would have inherited but for the elective succession law, he still gets to be dynasty head.

  8. Quite right too. Why should anyone be allowed to do what they want with their own money?

  9. Whitby resident here. It's clearly getting to a market failure at this point. One in six houses in town is now a second home; in some of the surrounding villages it's more than half. Local businesses can't hire, because locals are getting completely priced out. We're building loads as well, but they just keep getting snapped up and left empty most of the year. It's a problem for sure, and if you have a better solution I'd like to hear it.

  10. He accused OP of having ulterior motives and creating a throw-away account to troll the sub.

  11. I am genuinely baffled as to how this could possibly be a troll post

  12. Also from N Yorkshire, as others have said I’d call it a bramble bush but the fruit are blackberries

  13. A consensus seems to be slowly coming out that 'bramble' is mostly Scotland, Cumbria, Geordie and just edges down into Smoggie. I'm from Whitby and we do get a bit of a blend with the Middlesbrough accent here so I'm guessing that's how come it's what we say.

  14. There was a clip with David Attenborough and her. In the middle of their chat, the drone of helicopter blades could be loudly heard in the distance.

  15. The best part of that clip was you could see her so quickly going "oh shit, I'm on TV and need to be impartial" before she added "or President Obama"

  16. I think it's just better public transport and more people growing up in cities. I grew up in rural Yorkshire, not getting your licence was completely unthinkable, because of just how much more freedom it gave you to not be tethered to needing lifts all the time. Then when I went to uni, hardly anyone had one, because it just hadn't seemed necessary or useful. I didn't have a car most of the decade since because it just would have been pointless expenditure. Plus parking in a city centre isn't exactly expedient. Bought one when I came back up here, but I didn't miss it down south.

  17. Earlier someone posted a youtube channel of a person who will dumb this down for us, I can't find it

  18. Wallace, we need unflashy good governance. He is also most up to speed on Ukraine

  19. Everyone here seems to love Ben Wallace but I have no idea what his views are on anything. What wing of the party is he even from? Has he ever displayed distinctive views on anything other than his own department? (which is not exactly doing controversial work right now)

  20. Maybe what wing they're from doesn't actually matter that much? We need competence.

  21. maybe so, but there are other steady hands in the running, and with a longer-term view, I think the key strategic decision we need to take right now is a firm position on whether we're more scared of Kier Starmer or Ed Davey. By the time the next election rolls around we will be kicking ourselves if we haven't firmly re-secured either shire liberals or red wall traditionalists, and Wallace doesn't strike me as a clear message on that

  22. I realise religion data hasn't been released for this one yet, but previous censuses have tended to show much larger proportions of religious affiliation in the population than have been reported by polls asking comparable questions. I'm curious what you see as the explanation for that, and whether you expect this one will be similar.

  23. Shame we can't wheel Lord Hague out again. Witty but actually has gravitas, would make Kier look like a lightweight by comparison. And audibly northern, which would hardly go amiss in the current climate.

  24. Speaking with the manager is an excellent response to a myriad of grievances

  25. I think they're only doing this as a dry run for doing the same thing to the BBC in a few years, otherwise I really don't see the point. I am not in favour of either, and if they try to go through with the latter, it would probably be the last straw for me. The Lib Dems are looking pretty interesting these days

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