1. If you buy a milkweed plant you will get monarchs, I know a lot of people that raise monarchs. You can see it go from a baby caterpillar to cocoon and emerge. There wings are wet at first and typically hang out a few hours to dry

  2. I would prefer to have one "raised" indoors and in a proper containment system. My daughter is only 2.5 yo right now and I worry that if I plant milkweed and she knows that's where the caterpillars are that she'll disturb or hurt them when playing outside. If I have a little indoor habitat/aquarium thing it'll stay in my bedroom which is always locked and she can just go visit it daily with supervision. I just wanted to get some care tips before just buying one so that's why I am here.

  3. I am starting a petition for OP's bagel recipe.

  4. The US needs season 3C!! 😭 Common Disney! Stop finding things to cut and censor it and just drop it already!

  5. Maybe he's a pediatrician and he was trying to abbreviate his profession but there's a language barrier. A lot of pediatricians are assholes so he had to clear the air with her and make sure she knows he's a chill down-to-earth pediatrician.

  6. Blippi is overstimulated garbage too

  7. I don't find Blippi to be overstimulating. There's not a lot of bright colors and the time between frames is very long compared to most toddler TV shows. All Blippi does is explore play places/zoos/museums. Sure he's a tad annoying but definitely not overstimulating.

  8. Cropped ears and docked tails are viewed as the breed standard look according to the AKC(yesss I know the A stands for American). It was the standard for awhile in Australia as well (until about 2004 or 5) so people just associate the breed with cropped ears and docked tails regardless of if it's illegal where someone lives or not.

  9. Maybe he thought it was one of those handicapped accessible door opener things. He looks like he probably would rather have doors open themselves.

  10. Why not give them what we know they want and will enjoy?

  11. This definitely has adult fan-made YouTube skit video vibes. I was waiting for massive amounts of blood and sexual innuendos and cussing. 😅

  12. Because it’s just black bars that’s shown it makes me think it’s supposed to be 1984. But it’s probably just a generic one.

  13. Well there is a massive amount of mostly men trying to defend Justin Roiland an (alleged) wife beater and pedophile because they don't want his shows to die.

  14. I used predator mites and within 2 days all the spider mites were dead. I noticed the mites at about week 1 of flower. Just harvested all but one plant a few days ago (at week 8 of flower) no new signs of mites since. 👍🏼

  15. Also since the opportunity arose, yesterday I made a post showing my grow space. Lots of people kept telling me my lights are too far away and my plants will stretch. The.last 6 pictures are included so everyone can see my "stretched" out plants.

  16. Damn bruh, you tryin' to compete with the Empire State building? /s

  17. What do you usually yield with training like this on autos?

  18. I do the same in a 2x2 tent but dont leave the middle empty (soil shouldnt see light at this stage) and i yield about 80-90gs of top quality buds and about 40-60gs of popcorn/low quality. I grow photos tho, not autos

  19. Thanks man! How do achieve this look though? Is it through topping or just bending and tying?

  20. That's the guy that made me pull the trigger on autos! 🤣 I saw his plants and was sold.

  21. Here's the kicker a lot of autos stress easier. So some strains won't except training. I'm transitioning to autos. I wanna do more crops in the winter season and faster means more. You should check out

  22. Thanks buddy! Do you defoliate at all with your autos? My last run was autos but I feel like the yield was lacking and there were a bunch of under developed popcorn buds as a result of not defoliating. I read that defoliating wasn't recommend for autos but who knows how old that info was.

  23. And those are the leggings that are supposed to make any flat ass look round. 😔

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