1. I’m really sorry I can’t help with money, I’m kinda in the same place.

  2. : D I appreciate your help but I'm working all day 6 days a week. I can't do more and I'm shattered as it is. I just need money to get by until I get paid. I can't really do anything really. I'll ask UC tomorrow but I'm not sure how long is to get an advance. Last time I had someone monitoring my claim because I was homeless and guy was super helpful. I've applied for PIP too because of him. I still haven't heard back from PIP:/ I have hernia and I'm literally holding my guts in with a belt so I can work. Shit is shit. But I'm getting through this .

  3. Switch bank accounts! And have a look at the other sub.

  4. Yeah, definitely will. Thanks for the info , I'll definitely check that extra £200 out, sounds great

  5. I never thought there's a chef's nightmare, but this , this is it

  6. Hey there, I have nothing but respect for your resilience and your work. The world needs more chefs.

  7. Seems like you found a good work environment. Congrats!!

  8. Desire? I often stare at darkness, emptiness fills me and I crave to die for absolutely no reason . Why would anyone want this lol

  9. We’re talking about a different feeling then, mine feels peaceful, cozy and a little melancholic but in a good way

  10. I know what you mean. I do have that too, well, sometimes. It's just...I had severe Trauma and been on and off just making jokes about how much I hate to live : D and I rather bleed out but actually I like living and things aren't that bad but I have BPD so it's either this or that sadly

  11. Bro I'm playing Quake and Doom because I love it.

  12. I enjoy that the "when CN was at its peak" images are all "I was 10 when this was CN's lineup."

  13. Meh. I normally use it for broth. It's too stringy to actually serve it for anything a'la Carte

  14. Well if you are familiar with gastronomy you can start by going to Ireland, get apprenticeship even. Seriously. You get qualification in a year or two plus get salary. Meanwhile you get to know the language and can practice. There are also agencies that help you get a job. If you are a waiter or sth it's even easier. All you need is experience. I've been a chef 10 years and have 0 qualifications. I'm a head chef now and i can assure you , skills, experience and knowledge matters more than a piece of paper when it comes to kitchen.

  15. Literally already going down this specific route you are recommending xd. Thank you for the advice, as for now this is the route I'm going down with

  16. Best of luck. As a chef you will always have a job and through agencies you can also do cruise ships and whatever. You are young , you got everything ahead. Seriously.

  17. Drugs. Lol. But honestly . Life is like this. Get your priorities straight. First things first. Keep moving.

  18. I was born too early. I never give 2 weeks notice. They wouldn't offer the same courtesy to me if I was getting fired. So I just tell them to fuck off.

  19. Yeah. This . I've walked out from not one job . I'm not a number. I'm not your dog. Treat me with equal respect I give to everyone and we can get along. Seriously.

  20. Man. I've been changing jobs like my clothes. Money isn't the issue, unless my pay and workload isn't balanced. My issue is mostly assholes. I rather work somewhere I feel great over going to work with upset stomach , anxiety and stress. I'm a chef. I can quit a job and find another next day.

  21. Get the horses ready, they are waiting for me in Riften lol

  22. I'm a chef. Some places I worked didn't have any tips at all. I work in Europe. I tip of the service was right, but most of the time it isnt. I tip small businesses and people who put their heart into their business, food etc. Last tip I had for 2 steaks I got £5. My friend got £20 for selling drinks . ...to be fair everyone loved my steaks. Every single person. I'm getting a raise because of the quality of the food.

  23. I would love a noodle board. Seriously. First time I saw a chef with it , it makes perfect sense

  24. You insulted my intelligence which was uncalled for.. but ironically, you had misspelled the word “vegetables” in the comment that I first responded to.

  25. You've just proven your lack of intelligence

  26. They posted a definition that says or vegetables lol.

  27. I'm a chef. I make stocks like 10 years. We use mostly cut off parts and stuff we can't normally use for a'is carte. I've might forgot to press a B letter on my previous post but if I had a person making a broth like this I'd fire him on spot. Seriously. The more vegetables and variety of vegetables you have is all the better. Making stock is like the most basic thing in the kitchen. It's what we normally use for cooking. Obviously stocks vary in different countries, so you will have a different fish stock in Italy for sure than in Japan but again they have more than a shingle type of vegetable

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