1. I have that exact situation and it’s not a big deal. Nor should it be

  2. Too far left or too far right and this is where things end up

  3. I am fully tattooed on my arms, back and torso and have a senior management position at a large company

  4. Depends on whether you want to get into a good college. If you have no intention of going to college, your high school grades don’t matter as long as you graduate

  5. I have a dummy wallet for when I travel overseas or to some particular cities in the states. Has old deactivated cards and $9 worth of dollar bills in it

  6. and in this day and age, why not an AirTag?

  7. Because the AirTag costs more than anything in my dummy wallet. And an AirTag in my real wallet is pointless if my wallet is stolen because they will discard it and now I have to go through the hassle of getting all new cards/ID

  8. Either tits or ass will be all the answers, depending on preference

  9. You can’t. And your ideas of successful socialism can only be funded by the wealth of capitalism

  10. Well yea I think everyone doubted them at the beginning. I’m talking about now

  11. You were talking about then as well. Careful moving that goal post. Those things can be be heavy

  12. It’s crazy to watch how many people get completely destroyed by adult life

  13. Hi. Can i ask why this is trashy? You seem to be the top comment so I hoping maybe you can explain it to me.

  14. You mean other than him having his pants pulled down, yelling at a car incoherently while mindlessly beating the battery with a tire iron?

  15. Side story but sorta related: I just flew for thanksgiving and the woman next to me (early 20s) was shocked that she couldn’t see the lines dividing the states from the air 😂

  16. For awhile but it will catch up with you at some point and become not so functional

  17. Only causes cancer in California. Just use them when you’re in a different state and you’ll be fine /s

  18. Most people never have an experience that they aren’t always the direct center of

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