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  1. That happened to me but it was connected to some trauma. It took a lot of patience with myself and never doing something I didnt like. It was also your first time. So just take it slow.

  2. Thats natural and there are many who have their turn-on's and turnoffs. Im my opinion its best to be honest rather then trying to acclimate yourself to something you are not comfortable with sexually. Personally I am the opposite, I love I love women and am very much turned on by them, but I am definitely repulsed by vagina itself. I love penis, but I cannot give cunnilingus without feeling ill especially knowing what happens with it for girls at that specific time every month.. I can only have straight intercourse with a girl focused on her intimately just not at her genitals. Thats something im extremely shy to tell any girl I may date or be sexual with, that I cannot interact with her vagina in any way beyond intercourse

  3. Well. Let's do a case study of a group commonly labelled a cult and see how it holds up. Jehovah's Witnesses.

  4. There are different definitions of "cults". I prefer the term "sect" since it is less pejorative (in english) and related to a group of believers that separated from the dominant religion. The term "cult" rather refer to "dangerous practices". But I agree with you with the fact that it's an ad-hominem attack.

  5. Read another discussion that summarizes this nicely:

  6. Sex is ... actually a pretty complex topic historically speaking.

  7. I am not aware of any religious texts that speak about masterbation aside from monks specifically in Buddhism being disallowed. But. It is a common thing in doctrine outside of texts to prohibit masterbation. It's a long conversation, but homosexuality, pulling out (which is mentioned int he Bible), etc, it's all related to the desire of the originating societies to produce more babies.

  8. I'm female and I relate to Rue in Euphoria because it's like it doesn't matter what gender she is in the show. She's just her.

  9. Throughout my youth I didnt myself a girl or a boy. Not that I was "non-binary" but I just didnt fit (or didnt wanna put myself in a case) in gender cases.

  10. The most straightforward way to answer this is in terms of the rate of rock uplift or surface uplift. First, let's clarify some terminology, specifically surface uplift - the rate of change the height of topography, rock uplift - the rate of motion of rocks towards the surface respective to some fixed reference frame, and erosion - the rate of removal of material from a surface (this is synonymous with exhumation in this context). If we simplify this to consider only vertical motions, these are related as such (e.g.,

  11. I'm ENTP and my bf is INFJ. Stereotyped couple, but I'm the girl (usually ENTP is the boy in the stereotype couple)

  12. Nice :o I think the same, it's just that you are more legitimate when you have a piece of paper that prooves you are educated than without... but that's another topic related to pride.

  13. Why would you not try to be superior in a shit world where everyone is trying to one-up everyone else?

  14. Because competition leads to hatred. I prefer to believe in altruism and beauty.

  15. If you become frustrated and drained because you have to work with people who do not think as quickly as you, and who exhibit "wrong reasoning" or "don't understand", social work may not be the best environment for you as a career.

  16. Group work is infuriating. It's supposed to "prepare you for the real world", but nowhere in the real world is your performance directly tied to others without any form of either a referee or an opt-out. Most companies have at least three levels of management above 99% of positions, plus HR. If the prof isn't willing to play that role for every group, they have no business assigning group work, esp if you can't choose the group.

  17. My mind gets bored very very easily if it's not stimulated.

  18. I'm the same way, and it makes it almost impossible for me to function well in an office environment.

  19. "Sorry, my mother told me not to put little things in my mouth"

  20. "every child deserves parents but not every parents deserve a child"

  21. I’m hoping OP is young, to actually be concerned about this. The only good response to uninvited commentary from unimportant people is to make it clear how unimportant their opinions are.

  22. Well for the little story I've suffered harrassement in school and outside, I've been called ugly and fat. Now I'm 23 and a sexy garl but still have the social anxiety that some young people will make fun of me so I wanna choose violence if that happens. Maybe you're right and I should not care that much, but I'm currently working in a high school, surrounded by dumb teenagers and the anxiety is there.

  23. So, you’re nearing your mid 20s and you’re worried teenagers who roast you will give you ‘anxiety?’ Let’s be honest: your problem isn’t ‘they make fun of me, make them stop.’ Your problem is ‘they make fun of me and I need to stop giving power to them.’ Figure out why it bothers you when kids you don’t know call you ugly/fat. Address THAT issue.

  24. You are completely right! I said the same thing but you worded it better than I did. Shunning and fear of Armageddon. Both manipulation tactics. If we could leave with no repercussions… no one would ever return! Plain simple fact.

  25. I read a lot about manipulation. Why do they manipulate people ? What do they win ?

  26. communicate. Being in love is not a "natural thing" that comes and you have to do zero effort. If you love him, you have to tell him that you feel bored,, but your love is still there, and you'd like to solve this issue with him. What are you looking for when you talk to others ?

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