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  1. He's also probably pretty tired of hearing that song used as a sweet love song when it very clearly is not one and he had been out spoken about how sinister the song is.

  2. I've heard it played at like 3 or 4 wedding receptions over the years and without fail, the groom always looks like the song "Wrapped Around Your Finger" would be more appropriate.

  3. I retired last year, but I always made it clear to those who reported to me that I don't the details of why you need a day off. Just call or text me that you're not going to make it. If it does become a problem with either the number of times or it's a pattern like every other Monday, then we'll talk. I did have that one guy who always had some rambling story about why he can't come in. His wife saw a suspicious character in the neighborhood and he can't leave her, his only clean clothes are wet in the dryer, he walked his dog that morning and he didn't shit... (no kidding). Some of the other guys were making a list of his stories.

  4. Damn, compile a list of his stories and you can probably make a children's book out of that

  5. Yesss. The three mentioned, I can remember. There was another where a family member hurt their hand changing a tire and he had to be at the hospital with them. It would make a good book.

  6. i mean.. the bulls obviously don't care to be ridden. whether by children or adults.

  7. The younger kids usually start off riding sheep. "Mutton Busting."

  8. A cop can 100% ticket you for this though. It's no different than cutting the corner at the gas station to avoid the light.

  9. Closedown for the beginning of the service, Plainsong for the exit. "The Cold of the Dead..."

  10. Florida's bowl game. Offense was severely hobbled by AR not playing, looked like it was going to be their first shutout since the 80's, and low and behold, a field goal right at the end of the game. UF had major "little brother" vibes on that game.

  11. Just pray. Everything will turn out fine and God never gives us more than we can handle. (I am 60 and heard this BS yesterday. While I am in the hospital after almost dying from blood loss.)

  12. I like to change this one to: God is good, until he isn't.

  13. Her big brown beaver is prominently displayed in every location.

  14. OMG we have Beaver Toyota and Beaver Chevrolet here in Jacksonville. It's so so appropriate that there's one in Cumming, Ga also. I solidly believe Linda Beaver knows exactly what she's doing.

  15. About two thirds of the way through Great Gig she actually does whisper "I Never Said I was Afraid of Dying." This is different from the roadie who says at the beginning of the song " I Am Not Frightened of Dying..."

  16. Maybe a little like Cameron Frye from Ferris Bueller?

  17. Same. I guess it's called anxiety. But also isn't helped by the fact that I was bullied and laughed at by a few people in high school. That really then makes you think that everyone else is against you as well.

  18. I grew up in the 70's and 80's with the last name "Gay" so yesss... you can imagine.

  19. "Oh no, my hair must look funny. Or maybe my shirt rode up and you can see my boxers?" Followed by pulling all clothes back into place and running my hand through my hair a few times.

  20. Honestly, I've seen plenty of both examples. Highly educated people who seem to be only good at writing essays and taking tests and people who never went beyond the third grade who had a curious mind and self educated themselves. You're much more likely to have high level problem solving ability and good critical thinking skills with a college degree though.

  21. The Borg called themselves "Borg" though, NOT the Federation. Though they certainly fit the description of a cybernetic organism, the true meaning of their name rests ultimately with them.

  22. "That's the idea, Rat. That's the attitude... I mean don't just walk in. You move across the room. And you don't talk to her. You use your face. You use your body. You use everything. That's what I do. I mean I just send out this vibe and I have personally found that women do respond. I mean, something happens."

  23. This is why I’m keeping my old slow cookers even though the switch is falling off the front of the bigger one …

  24. Six Different Ways just always sounds so effervescent and that intro is both bubbly and cacophony simultaneously.

  25. Very underrated Cure song. I was so surprised when it was played in the movie "IT" - Part One.

  26. I agree when, in my opinion, there were better choices from the Cure or others that could have been used but I'm glad they did.

  27. I can't remember if there were 5 or 6 kids in that scene. Not sure if that had something to do with it.

  28. I'm not sure the children signed up for anything. Why did we put children on a ship with a dangerous mission of explorstion again?

  29. Imagine an aircraft carrier sailing the Persian Gulf with many of the sailor's kids on board.

  30. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing Kirk's body double, clear as day, during fight scenes. Weren't expecting somebody to be watching TOS on a 4K OLED TV, were they? 😂

  31. Or scenes like this crewman turning an imaginary valve.

  32. The Goodyear at University and Emerson has always been my go to place for tires and repairs. Matt Jones is a great guy.

  33. I think it's foreshadowing of a time-travel plot twist. They will travel in time to take the vaccine from the future and distribute it in the past. Sarah is obviously from the future, hence the immunity, because somehow the fungi cannot travel through dimensions. Soon, a plan will hatch where everything BUT the fungus will be moved to another time-space continuum. It's a stark departure from the game, but boldness is what we need for the season finale.

  34. Uhm.. they converted a bus into a RV, drove it 350 miles, and sold it? Why?

  35. They planned on selling it all along. The drive to Miami was like a shakedown cruise.

  36. Go on a solo trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go but he doesn’t. Make the trip all about you and celebrate yourself. And if they ask just reply that birthdays are important to you so you wanted to celebrate with the person you love the most..yourself.

  37. It's a nice idea, but I feel like if I did this after being left alone, I just feel like I wouldn't enjoy myself. Like I'd be trying to force it.

  38. I'm NOT going to be one of those people who goes straight to "DUMP HIM" but there's absolutely no way I could enjoy myself off with friends while my wife was home alone on her birthday, even double for her 21st. Except for your 30th, it's really the last fun one or major one you'll ever have. Beyond that you're just celebrating that you're still alive. I'm almost 59 BTW.

  39. I can see dave and busters from my work parking lot and there's always shenanigans, cops and d bags hanging around, sad story, but not suprised.

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