1. We make these, they are called roadplates, designed to cover trenches and allow all traffic to drive over them, they don't need to be sandblasted or textured as they are used in construction zones so you should be driving at a reduced speed anyway

  2. I have been getting bombarded with advertisements for something called Geordie Shore.

  3. Just looked her up. Don't get why anyone older than like, 20 would want to meet her.

  4. I can't take Dee seriously as the same old Dee after the plastic surgery

  5. Subjective opinions on beauty aside, it certainly made it very difficult to maintain the illusion that Dee is an unsuccessful waitress at a failing bar - though I suppose it could be imagined that she managed to weasel the 10-20k for the surgeries from Frank.

  6. There are quite a few movements involved in the in/out portion of love making that rely pretty heavily on gravity.

  7. My little cartel of Filipino FOH and BOH staff appear to have concluded that cleaning, mopping and restocking the bathrooms is a once or twice a week job. I am fucking sick of chasing the FOH manager to tell him that it is kind of important that we have clean facilities.

  8. do you have mental illness or are you just another shitlib out here offended on other people’s behalf?

  9. I have never seen a march through the streets of Melbourne for the abortion rights of the oppressed women of Honduras, Iraq, Egypt, Jamaca, or Tonga etc etc.

  10. Unless we can solve all problems in the world, better not even try for a few, right?

  11. Better solve the problems that effect the rich white women before we worry about those brown women who have been suffering much, much longer.

  12. Dunno. Probably nod politely as we passed one another on the way out.

  13. It must be such a relief for recording artists now that music videos are ao much less important than they used to be.

  14. Isn’t it fun and self-congratulatory to throw around vague terms like “deeply flawed” and “widely despised” as if they are of any equivalence to the pre or post politics behaviour of Donald Trump.

  15. You're right that is where this is from, also yes Landis is a creep. Eight women have accused him of emotional and sexual assault.

  16. Every Friday? How does this building manage to get weekly hard rubbish collection when every other CBD apartment building gets monthly hard rubbish collection?

  17. Sorry. It’s in a residents only garage that I only have access to because it is where we dispose of our restaurant recycling.

  18. I look forward to the countless, breathless articles about how despicable this show is for objectifying the opposite sex and for the way it contributes towards an unhealthy body image.

  19. No, no, no. I won’t need to wait! I am absolutely sure that the writers over at Jezebel are sharpening their pencils as we speak.

  20. Why not go for a different industry? Community services always need more hands and you're making real changes in people's lives

  21. Not necessarily. We have a local organization that I volunteer at that runs a community pantry and produces food for free delivery to the underserved. The staff is largely volunteer but they have quite a few paid staff - they rely on government grants, fundraising etc to keep going but they do great work and pay fairly (but not big money)

  22. The only pathetic person here is the one getting mad because a producer says he doesn’t want to objectify women. Your comments are ridiculous and I will no longer waste my time replying to them.

  23. You seem like the type to want to get the last word in, so I'll just turn off inbox replies and let you spin your wheels here defending an abuser.

  24. I know this is going to go down like a lead balloon in an Earwolf fan subreddit, but these podcasts are not "free".

  25. According to your hierarchy of Merit in Suffering, victims should not only be victims, but pay an endless price, otherwise you deem them prostitutes. Fortunately, things have moved on since Victorian times.

  26. Are you regularly involved with groups that deal with gangs, gang shooting, victims of gang violence?

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