1. I have some Mac 1 bud I haven’t tried yet

  2. The Koko looks almost as good as clutch IMO. But klutch is my absolute favorite so I say the klutch looks better. Sherbhead is my favorite strain! I’m not big on the orange 43, as far as the effects. The ice cream cake is my second favorite strain, you have to try it! I’ve had mac1 a couple times & it’s good of course because it’s klutch, but I don’t care to get it again unless that’s the only klutch option.

  3. I’ve had the layer cake pod & it is great. It is potent & tastes just like the layer cake flower (if you’ve had that). The only negative thing was it got clogged several times so I had to pull on it way harder for it to start working again. I only had one so I can’t say they all get clogged, may have just been mine? overall I still loved it & I will buy it again! I’m undecided if I like the luster pods better than the cartridges, but I think you can get bigger hits with the luster pods.

  4. To prevent them from becoming clogged up after use pull the pod off the battery and draw air thru it a few times then wait a couple of minutes until the battery cools before putting it back on the battery and you will almost never have a clogging problem again It it a problem with pods and carts but doing this will prevent it

  5. They are in happy frog soil. I’ve read that you don’t need to add anymore nutrients until flowering. So any idea how they could still be deficient? Watering with pH of 6.5

  6. Thanks for the explanation, that makes sense! I’ll start feeding them my general hydroponics nutrients

  7. I've just got an SF2000 in there. It's worked perfectly so far.

  8. It’s the soil I get. You can plant directly in the bag. Roots organic original mix.

  9. Fox farms ocean forest soil Watering with Cal mag And the 3 fox farms fertilizers that come in a pck. Under a Mars hydro ts2000 or 3000 I forget in a 2x3

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