1. It is an app to sell stuff, why wouldn’t someone want to send an offer

  2. It’s understandable, but the way they said it and how it had interest on eBay was so odd to me, I’ve never had a seller message me to tell me it has a lot of interest of another shopping app 💀

  3. Considering I’m 5ft 2 don’t think it’s very anorexic, never met a man so insecure, you pussy

  4. Wouldn’t be confident either outcome occurs, but I think the best factors to go off are Jones not being able to finish his last few opponents or really show anything super impressive and dominant since his last Cormier fight. The clip doing the rounds of Jones failing to dominate Reyes in wrestling being against a lesser, smaller fighter 3 years ago could be telling. Or JJ will show he’s the GOAT… can’t wait

  5. Jon Jones is the underdog so no, you’re not the only one.

  6. Some lil scalps, the group only got created today but looking to start putting in trades

  7. think whittaker, Cannonier, Vettori, Brunson and costa (with secret juice) can get it done tbh

  8. Well this is why I like Alex, lot of new questions raised

  9. Let's see what internet nerds say about the mental state of a championship cage fighter before he defends his belt. Definitely a lot of crossover there.

  10. You’re a couch vegetable acting like a psychologist shut your goofy ass up you don’t know anything

  11. Me (white belt), another white belt (right before blue, 2x purple belt,1 brown belt and the professor showed up in class one day. I got handled by all of them. The brown belt messed us all up and told the professor some technique he showed today doesn't actually work in a real scenario.

  12. passing guard is fun af but if i'm serious mode id do pull guard

  13. No omplata from that position.

  14. I have been spamming arm triangles to absolutely everyone last 5 weeks or so. I have been following to the T the New Wave Danaher instructional of attacks from mount and man I am getting confortable with it. Specially since with the far trap grip hr shows I can transition to jujis and to the back at will with a lot of people now. Thanks Mr Danaher.

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