A Young Maori Warrior Performs A Haka

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  1. Is this worth listening to? What's Travis like?

  2. Travis' character has an on-stage persona and a real persona. The voice for the on-stage persona is similar to Magnus', and the real persona uses his natural speaking style. Griffin's character may have a different "real" voice, but his on-stage voice is close to "simple Southern lawyer" aka approaching Foghorn Leghorn.

  3. Some work visas do have weird restrictions about job authority, scope, etc. But you know what they don't restrict? Negotiating with you to determine how to compensate you fairly for your additional work without violating the law.

  4. While the comment proclaiming expertise isn't sourced this doesn't make it irrelevant. Lead toxicity presupposes the heavy metal make its way into the body. Lead used to be commonly added to our gasolinne and the particulate was inhaled, especially in communities by idling vehicles. There were also cases of babies and young children licking and eating old formulations of household paint that contained the metal.

  5. Anecdotal "evidence" isn't evidence, and we must reject this anecdotal fallacy whenever [it is possible to use] rigorous scientific research to determine truth is possible. I have grown inpatient with testimonials masquerading as truth, especially in questions related to public health and morbidity.

  6. He did yeah. I assumed in the moment that he was just shocked that it happened but he was actually just shocked that he didn’t see it.

  7. A: "[The owl] is out of eyeshot and ear shot, so you don't hear the strangled sound it makes when it is snatched out of the air and disappears from view."

  8. Tasha Yar had so much potential, but the guys in charge just couldn't figure out what to do with a tall, buff woman 2mm away from an undercut. 🤷

  9. Troi didn't wear a Starfleet uniform, either with the pants or the skirt.

  10. In the first season, she did wear a uniform minidress and it was hideous.

  11. Works don't earn you a place in heaven, but a person who has been saved by grace will cheerfully do good without a second thought. They are living testaments to the power of God's love, but they are quiet and humble. They turn down accolades and get back to helping others.

  12. We can never see it demonstrated, at least not in public. If we know someone on our personal life who is extremely humble and does good works, they'll never want praise and they'll never crow about it.

  13. These women had full careers, raised families, and maintained beautiful homes. Now in their 80s, they still write thank-you notes immediately and take hostess gifts to every party. They have impeccable taste. They cook and bake delicious things for squadrons of folks. They are classy, sweet, and have very high expectations! AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!

  14. Wait you mean to tell me I could have been writing with chalk markers on my fridge all of this time?? Instead of buying magnetic “to do” lists that attach to my fridge that are too small for me to even write on, therefore I never use them????

  15. Yup. If it's all stainless, try dry erase first unless you have lots of chalk markers already. Dry erase worked great on our last fridge that didn't have a window. Clean dry erase off with a little rubbing alcohol if your fridge has a brushed texture (I think fingerprint-resistant ones do).

  16. How about stop trying to arrest kids at school. It's not like the stoners are interfering with anyone's education but their own.

  17. Easily the worst choice we've made in education in the last 40 years is falling for the "superpredator" myth and allowing police into our schools out of misplaced fear. The repercussions of that grift have lined pockets and ruined lives and will be felt for decades.

  18. Angus isn't scared of the spoon. Angus is scared of the giant who lost their spoon.

  19. Update2: turns out it was my cousin in law who pretended to be my mother sending a letter and withholding mail from me and marking them up and blacking out the return address. My cousin in law and my cousin were both there at time of purchase of my vehicle and I used to live with them so my mail was still being sent there which is how she got ahold of it. I am currently at the police department opening up a report against them, thank you all for your support I may be updating here in the future wish me luck!!!!

  20. Remember that tampering with the mail is a federal offense. You should alert the local postmaster immediately. They don't fuck around, and your cousin needs to find that out.

  21. Dimension 20 has literally saved my life and given me something to laugh with even when it all seems dark.

  22. It's really hard to explain to someone who doesn't get it, but in the dead of night I have clung to their bits and words to push away the darkness. I keep going like Gorgug told me to and I'm glad you do too.

  23. Animation style & costuming match Lady and the Tramp, but I haven't seen that in a decade or more.

  24. wait, I legit thought that the black player was a girl.

  25. Thank you for checking me. You're right. The gender of the person in the video is immaterial. I should not have assumed one. They look determined and patient, and even if this game is staged, they demonstrate long-term strategy versus short-term tactics well.

  26. I read this and feel like evangelical’s don’t want woman educated enough to be independent.

  27. Don't forget that women in STEM take good jobs away from men who want to support a family. If a woman works outside the home (gasp!), she should only pursue careers that are womanly so she doesn't compete with men.

  28. Or or or… what if… and stay with me here… if man make 1 stem money… and if woman make 1 stem money… if husband and wife put them together… then maybe they make 2 stem money?!?! :o

  29. More folks need to know this! I was listening to a gaming review/enthusiast podcast, and one of the guys shared that he has been having a blast playing in his new city. He's a games reviewer and Pokemon player from way back, so I trust his judgment. Now I just need to download and find the time to wander. :)

  30. What makes it a batter tailored environment?? This idea of accepting the involvement of children with a specific ideology centered around sexual preferences and sex is a fairly new thing in our society.

  31. Romantic feelings do not equal sexual feelings. It is perfectly possible to be asexual but romantic, i.e. to love someone and want to be with them without any feelings of a sexual nature. Likewise, many people have sexual urges but no romantic feelings for the object of their lust.

  32. Space blankets (aka emergency blankets, mylar blankets and first aid shock blankets) reflect heat in many situations. A product called Warm Windows ($34/yd at Joann) sandwiches this shiny, thin plastic between layers of batting to make a convenient option for insulated window shades. However, you can buy emergency blankets all over the place, and they are not expensive.

  33. These 2 designs were included in a set of 3 silver plate ornaments

  34. What happened in the 50s and 60s, though? Funny how the "Republicans love black people, actually" shtick never goes past that point, eh.

  35. Rutherf*ck B. Hayes, the first Republican to put his own interests above the welfare of millions, ended federal oversight of the post-war South and thereby chose to live fat & happy while Black people died for taking part in their own republic.

  36. I used engineered quartz for my bathroom countertops, and it’s been great. Even hair dye cleans right up. I will 100% be using engineered quartz in my kitchen if I ever get around to remodeling.

  37. Bathroom counter + 7 yo + nail polish could have been a very costly disaster. Instead, between a magic sponge and a bit of nail polish remover, it shines like new. Never not having quartz again.

  38. Thank you, I was Abit confused looking at all the episodes on naddpod, and I love the characters that the cast play so I was just wondering what's up because I feel like it's going to be awhile before I end up catching up

  39. They usually play Moonshine, Bev and Hardwon at live shows, but {general overall campaign spoiler incoming}

  40. $24.99 for a Woolrich from Renys? No way $49.99 there. For $24.99 you can get a smoke damaged Columbia at Mardens though.

  41. Hey! That's good value! That smokey smell is gonna be in there anyway soon enough.

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