I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

  1. Yea they use living soil like galenas. they are the only two cultivators that use it in Ohio. FRX Is going Do Big things I Have High Hopes for them.

  2. This bio track manifest shouldn’t be on here this is against state protocol

  3. I would save yourself the $30. Put it in your pocket or put it towards another item. In my experience with Certified there isnt a whole lot of difference in bud size between the smalls and the regular flower. Certified, Buckeye Relief and Firelands smalls are well worth the price difference imo.

  4. Certified is one of the best cultivators in Ohio don’t listen to these non-educated puppets trust me your top three coordinators in the program are klutch galena’s then certified

  5. Are you still looking at another 5 to 10 years for recreational in this state?

  6. Say I tell you what the problem is you’re vaping that shit you got a smoke that shit rolled that shit lit that shit and pass that shit to get the full affect

  7. Oh yeah you’re gonna need a pH meter so you can pH your soil and a pH meter for your water. Marijuana plants prefer a pH of 5.5-6.5 when growing hydroponically and between 6 and 6.8 in soil. Keeping the water’s pH within the respectable range allows more nutrients to be absorbed by the roots in comparison to aiming for a specific pH balance. And when you transfer it look at the route Ball do you want to make sure they’re not all bound up together because if they are the roots will have nowhere to spread and the plant won’t grow properly

  8. So when you first start to grow cannabis they need high nitrogen in potassium .have you been using any nutes for it But if you show that little plant love and care it will grow and it will grow you some of that good good. Long as the seed is good geneticsDuring this stage your plants need an increase in warm water, a flow of moist air, nitrogen and potassium-rich nutrients, and a lot of soil space to allow them to grow 2-3 feet tall. Similar to the seedling stage, during vegetative growth, cannabis plants should be in well-drained soil.

  9. What?? There’s plenty of fire black market pods out there

  10. They killed me they called patient care specialist a fucking bud tenders get the fuck out of here

  11. Ohio green re leaf great doctors my wife just got renewed here it was only 100 and new patients are only 150 veriheal is great just a little pricey in my opinion

  12. I mean that could go both ways think about it yes they may be rich cuts prioritizing money over patients or look at it this way you’re the one there waiting in the cold for your medicine you don’t have to you could come back when it’s not as busy if you don’t like how the program works don’t be in the program quit complaining and just deal with it we’re lucky to have what we got people keeps complaining about it we’re going to lose it

  13. Not with Woodward but I got a half o of GSD from Buckeye Relief not too long ago and it was hands down the worst weed I’ve ever experienced. Every hit was like inhaling old barn hay through a used gas can

  14. Today and until and including Sunday it’ll use 4 days. Starting on Monday Jan 3rd every 10th(2.83g) of an ounce will use 1 day.

  15. Not necessarily The board of medicine has said that if the dispensary still have product left from recent batches that it may still be four days for a 5.66 or three

  16. Never ever see the terps from ur posts. Does Ohio not believe in terpenes ? Only thing that matters is what terps r in the flower, but nobody ever talks about that. It’s all about what percentage, which is 90% irrelevant when it comes to cannabis. Terps terps terps. If u know u know. Myrcene carrophellene linalool oh n the ever so awesome terpinolene. Think everyone would be in heaven if u could see some of the west coast flower. Completely different level

  17. The terps levels are out this world will post a pic later or maybe not my post

  18. Yeah look at the State Maine they don’t drug test people for marijuana on the drug test anymore

  19. Better than nothing at least you know what you’re getting then you’re not get vitamin E acetate like off the street Or some hot dog water vape

  20. I think everyone’s understand of the new rule wrong Instead of a 2.83 be in two days it will be one so I think they’re just going to still have days but they’re just gonna go by the tier 1 system there won’t be no one or two system so like for instants a 14.15 of tier 1 is six days and tear to cost nine it’ll only be six instead

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