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  1. Keep searching xD you won’t find anything about my department or career specifics 😭💀

  2. Well, you're trans, 123lbs, possibly autistic, a TA (most likely not in a STEM department), and transferred from a CC. Your grammar is shit so probably not english or other humanites. Not many who would fit that profile.

  3. So I’m not in English or the Humanities but I’m also not in STEM? So what does that leave me with? And, what does being trans and a former transfer have to do with anything? I literally have more degrees than you and will finish my PhD at UCLA before you even graduate xD (if you even do) Anyways good luck with finals 😂

  4. He talks about white washing but his whole story is about being adjacent to white supremacy by sitting at tables with Hilary Clinton and AOC. How embarrassing.

  5. A better question: Is the short film you submitted last year, which ended in rejection, good enough to get you accepted into UCLA film?

  6. I saved mine after applying? But I think you should be able to through the UC APP which is how I’ve looked at mine.

  7. I highly recommend you do! If you don’t you’ll have to complete UCLA’s requirements which tend to be more intense.

  8. Yes but what is he actually claiming? To be a bruin/bruin lawyer? Both of those things are correct.

  9. He’s not a Bruin lawyer if he didn’t graduate from the law school. He’s a UCLA alumni and a Pepperdine lawyer.

  10. I transferred in from a CC and agree with the post about finishing your GEs before coming over. If you don’t it’s likely you’ll get stuck with more work. Also, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a upper or lower class men… if you have a course requirement, they’ll make you take it regardless of standing. I was lucky enough to not have to take the final writing requirement but after a grueling petition process.

  11. It’s not. That’s more than an hour of traffic not considering any accidents ect that you cannot plan for. Plus you will find that you spend more time planning and carrying out the commute than just enjoying being a student.

  12. Maybe move somewhere else then?? This is not an LA problem.. this is a you problem. You should’ve research and prepared for your commute to campus. Los Ángeles has always will always be busy. Also, the fact that you think Hollywood is a great part of LA tells me that you know nothing about the city and all it has to offer.

  13. Maybe you should grow up. Like the way you’re using your parents as a crutch is unhealthy and gives off I have no life or friends vibes. Sooo maybe that’s your problem. Like the way y’all act like being left at UCLA out of all colleges in the US is the scariest most daunting thing.. did y’all not grow up going out with friends or practice being independent from your parents?? Like damn this is college not high school.. it’s time to grow up and use this as a learning experience or you’ll just keep repeating the cycle.

  14. Gosh have some empathy. Just because you don’t feel homesick doesn’t mean that everyone else shouldn’t as well

  15. well being that this subreddit isn’t a group therapy channel I think I’ll speak my mind. There’s so many of these on here.. like go talk to caps.

  16. Well if it makes you feel any better, I was a transfer during the pandemic and I’m now returning to start my PhD at UCLA. It’s hell and I’d honestly wish I hadn’t chosen this path. Goodluck!

  17. The fountain / courtyard inside the Fowler museum is really beautiful. It gives Romeo and Juliet vibes.

  18. This person may be a secret billionaire and want to invest! You may never know…

  19. In that case.. I’m positive they wouldn’t be doing their research on this forum.

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