1. That Margot catch was very similar to the ball hit near Kerry Carpenter

  2. Also I'm seeing how many of you I recognize from

  3. We were top 6 when Potter was hired and this clown has us in fucking 11th now. Way past his time. Get rid of him

  4. Tigers schedule this next month and a half makes me want to fucking vomit

  5. Exactly the type of coach you want behind the bench even in these tough times. Derek actually gives a shit

  6. What’s the point of video review if it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do? Literally a problem in every major sport but I think NHL takes the cake.

  7. It would be extremely beneficial to the Red Wings if a guy they drafted in the 4th round (Lombardi) can be that goal scorer they have been looking for for ages. God I really hope his game translates to the NHL level. Still need a Bedard like level player but I will gladly take a 65+ point 4th rd pick.

  8. Not gonna lie guys, I’ve been struggling being away from my family living out of state these last 4 years and haven’t been interested in watching the Wings at all lately. That stretch of bad losses we had just killed any good vibe I had. Moving back to the Mitten this summer and being able to watch the Wings with my father and talk hockey with him again will help my mental health immensely.

  9. Losing Jamaal for this price sucks because he was fucking automatic from 5 yards or less but Holmes and co brought back plenty of culture guys to help heal the wound. I think we are all really gonna like Monty behind our O Line because he can be more explosive than Maal.

  10. Tough loss. He was immense in stopping the run. Maybe Okudah switches to safety?

  11. That would make Jeff the 14th highest paid Safety in the league, making 9 times as much as Deshon is in Miami. It might make more sense to cut Jeff and save $5.2 million to sign someone who has played the position before

  12. That’s it. I’ve heard everything I want to hear about Michkov. Bring me Matvei Michkov.

  13. 3 years? Was hoping for like a 2 year deal but he stepped up late last season

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