A raccoon getting unwanted kisses from dad

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  1. It's fun. It looks good, the movements are crisp, some guns are really fun, and it quirky in a weird hipster kinda way. I don't get why people really don't like this game. It's pretty class. It's linear, omg! People who don't like linear game play are snobs, IMHO.

  2. My favourite criticism is that it’s repetitive

  3. Just tell them it's groundhogs day the movie except with guns and killing. The plot requires you to know where people are and what they're doing at a specific time. Just when it starts to get too repetitive is when it ends. Then you play as Julianna and have a ball. Man today some guy was hiding in a corner, I shot him, he spawned in the same corner and died again at my hands, then again he spawned in the same spot. I laughed so hard at somebody else's misfortune but I enjoyed it. Shot another colt near a building, watched him sneak back for his residium, he was crouched and soooo cautious I snuck up behind him and shotgunned him out of the blue. I haven't laughed aloud while alone in years and today it happened twice!

  4. One of my dogs is like this but only in public. She loves all the kisses at home but if I do it on a walk she gets annoyed.

  5. Playing as Juliana is more fun for me after having played through as colt the first time. I don't think I'll ever get sick of this.

  6. What was her plan for the end of the stairs anyway? One way or another, she was cruising for a bruising.

  7. How do people that don't have the secret service or private 24/7 security survive? Man, if reddit wasn't anonymous I would probably not be criticizing putler the way I do; I'd be terrified.

  8. There's nothing wrong with slutty women. Usually there is an underlying cause, eg self-esteem issues. However, there is something wrong with women who cheat and these are the people you need to avoid. Sometimes there is overlap. All you can do is go in with trust and hope you don't get hurt.

  9. I 100% believe video games aren't the real reason you're being rejected. There those incels that shoot up gyms full of women because they get rejected by those people yet every one of those girls is a slut. She's a slut if she sleeps with everybody, but she's a bitch if she sleeps with everybody except you.

  10. My understanding is that freezing actually tenderizes meat. Apparently, the ice crystals that form insidide makes the meat tender. Somebody did tests on this, on mobile so can't search and link for you.

  11. I mean, if he is your boyfriend it's weird to go a few days without a message. It's weird to not get a goodnight daily message from your boyfriend.

  12. Pay attention to how they talk about other people.

  13. Nothing, man. Just live and if it doesn't work then let go.

  14. None. I lived and I learned. I made mistakes but it gave me a wealth of knowledge. The biggest mistake abynidy can make is thinking they're perfect.

  15. In 60 seconds, before anybody was focused. Had it been France, croatia wouldn't have been relaxed in the first 60 seconds. After that it was bad for Canada. Would have been 5-1 but one elbow was offsides.

  16. Exploring caves, riding motorcycles, self medicating, and definitely not doing meth

  17. Bcs is kinda for more mature audiences. Bb was cool when I was 30. I'm 43 now and enjoyed bcs more.

  18. You mean the son of rich parents who own multiple car dealerships?

  19. Sharing conspiracy theories. It was cool now it induces eye rolls.

  20. A voice recorder for ideas , song ideas , etc.

  21. If it's a 5am wake up then coffee with sugar. Go train then come home around 8am and eat dinner leftovers. If it's the weekend and I'm doing nothing, I eat dinner leftovers.

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