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  1. Boned and laying upside down on the side of the road. Everything reminds me of her.

  2. One time I went out to dinner with a girl who I was dating for over a year. When the bill came I realized that I forgot my wallet, so I told her that she was gonna have to pick up the bill. I handed her the check and she looked at it like it was written in latin. She had absolutely no idea what to do because she had never paid at a restaurant before.

  3. Kanye really has "my father invented the question mark" energy.

  4. I wish when people lied to the police about stuff like this they would actually document all of that and prosecute them.

  5. People's memories turn to dogshit when the adrenaline hits. It can be hard to prove that the lie was a malicious act, or just their brain convincing them what they think happened.

  6. That's just it though, most of the time they DO know. They remember it with perfect clarity, but their memory is just wrong. The human brain is weird, and when you inject a shot of adrenaline it gets all fucky.

  7. OMG, how can anyone be that bitter and pissed off at someone he never met?!

  8. Everyone is also assuming they immediately started having sex. Do high school kids have sex on the first date now?

  9. High school kids have been having casual sex for a long time dude. It's not a new generation thing.

  10. Years back I tried making a "realistic edit" where I was changing clothes from one spot to another. Cause nobody wears the same clothes every damn day, and good edits take months to put together. It got exhausting and I gave up on it completely lol.

  11. I got my P320 X Full for $519 earlier this year at my LGS.

  12. We don't shame feet pics around here homie, this is a safe space.

  13. I bet she gives premium french kisses

  14. Take her to a motel, don't let her know where you live or work.

  15. "Let's just sprinkle a little catnip on her and get out of here."

  16. 3:1 male to female ratio, no wonder the whole country is bat shit crazy.

  17. I refuse to believe this guys videos are genuine lol there's no way she cooks and eats like that every time haha

  18. I dont even have to turn on the audio or watch longer than 15 seconds to know that it's bullshit rage bait.

  19. Troll post bait. You still own that optic though…

  20. I spent $20 on groceries I didn't need just to post a "poor man's" Thanksgiving dinner on

  21. The Saint and M&P at those prices are better deals than the Black Rain. But an IWI Zion at $800 or less is a better deal than any of those 3.

  22. I think an OE 40 might have paired with the food better

  23. OE was my first choice, but the boujee ass liquor stores near me didn't have any.

  24. Dude I drank four lokos last week and almost died

  25. I honestly thought they went out of business in like 2005.

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