1. Melts and bubbles really well almost like the way it melts more than water hash rosin

  2. This isn’t supposed to be allowed to happen until the Dispensary has a Certificate of Operation for one year, right?

  3. A bit fucked... Tbh... Personally, I would do it, but the words, "imo, this is a rather unprofessional way to handle this situation" would be included in the email. To each their own tho.

  4. Idk if done by accident, but you forgot to include pictures!

  5. Dude, I tried to grow Chernobyl like 4x. That thing is a monster, and completely unfit for indoor grows. The fan leaves were, no joke, bigger than my hand, and it just kept getting taller.

  6. Who has 30 percent off??? I thought you had to be indigent or a veteran for that?

  7. SF runs 30% on some Saturdays, there is a calendar (somewhere). You run into it occasionally at Sunnyside... But far and few between.

  8. I think Columbia Care is discounted this weekend at SF Columbus. Not sure the amount.

  9. Ahhh... edibles. Not everyone gets a full effect. My guess is a lack of a liver enzyme may be lacking or non-existent (the one that actually metabolizes and oxidizes the THC). Generally speaking, you should only have to wait 1hr before the start of the effects, and 1.5 for the full effects. I've heard of some people taking CoQ10 and stuff and it helping, but I don't have any studies or anything to show, unfortunately.

  10. Hits more like a luster than a cart, I like it hits hard.

  11. My dude said they were designed to have the first hit be a full hit, instead of having to get a running start, like with a 510 cart.

  12. The manufacturer (of the battery, I should clarify) does this so they can sell the battery in California.

  13. I'm like 90% sure it's a renamed AK-47, which would make it either an Afghani x Thai cross or something similar. Had it about a week ago at tier 1. Gassy smell, bit overwhelming at first. Hardly any funk or Chem smell to it. Buds were a bit lighter and airy, but normal for the strain.

  14. Yea...this is priced at less than $27+tax. Gonna go pick er up in a little bit!!

  15. Damn, when is this going into effect? Just got my card on Friday and made my first trip to Strawberry Fields on Saturday, that may have been my first and last time :(

  16. Sub par as in ground bud with seeds for 100 plus dollars. Here take the scraps and give us all your money....You can get halfs of premium from Colorado for 50 bucks. No seeds. Not ground. It just stinks that our state is so corrupt and a lot of people are blind to it, maybe not as blind as much as maybe most people are just happy they can get something even if it is overpriced...and thats wrong for these companies to take advantage like that.

  17. I don't think Ive ever seen Columbia Care shake. I see the half's all the time for like $120-140... But everything I've gotten has been actual flower.

  18. More than likely for the 2 oz bucket. Prolly an error when they were putting it in the system and it pulled it as 1 oz instead of 2.

  19. I'm wondering where reasonable mind is on a tragic post like this! LOL

  20. I'm Direct_Incident, not ReasonableMind... thats some other ent that is half as cool and doesn't give nearly as good advice. lol jk

  21. Strawberry Fields had a recycling program for like a week, but then they said "State shut it down".

  22. Look for beneleaves products... they make a bunch of different chocolate chews. Last time I checked they were dairy-free, vegan, and like everything else.

  23. Had the Slap Wagon Shatter. Was good, not very shattery, but good. Heard good things about about the Hi - 5. Make a solid product imo.

  24. Where is strawberry fields?

  25. anyone have a link to their menu? gonna swing by in a bit. never thought even three years ago that i would live in a perfect central location between 5 dispos lol

  26. So, with the change in postal services... It's going to be real hard to get someone to ship you a lithium battery, unless they Freight it.

  27. Apparently they are fulfilling online orders later today, not sure if people can walk in. It appears they are getting it together today. I'm not sure when or if rebranding or price changing will happen though.

  28. The people that bought it have roughly the same pricing that mad river did. More than likely they were waiting for the license to transfer over on a state level, or to have a new license # assigned to them.

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