1. It would suck honestly cause i dont want to end up alone. And most of my friends have partners so why should i end up alone

  2. Let the man live, its rough enough that you cant find the right partner

  3. Don't expect much from trying in real life. If you don't do well on the apps you probably won't have luck else where

  4. I think Nate finding out that Jules slept with his Dad kinda put a nail in that coffin. But who the hell knows with this show

  5. Dont know who that is but nate did have troubles staying hard with maddie

  6. For men?? You mean that men think that they become more attractive with money while women dont care about money?

  7. Wow 😯 i never thought of it like that. Could make alot of sense cause i always thought that if i end up rich all girls would come running after me… haha

  8. I will tell u most people cant get thru it without breaks at least.

  9. Funny thing is that when i was watching both seasons in 2022 i watched like 4 episodes a day. I couldnt stop watching.

  10. God ? Haha i mean i we all individually love put own lifes. We can eat How we want.

  11. Haha i shouldnt laugh but Reading that title on a rainy boring day got me going. Why do you think he put on your clothes? Did he pretend the dildo was him and he was playing you getting it?

  12. This confirms what we all suspected...that we know nothing lol

  13. So a totally embarrassing (for me) but pro-Victoria story.

  14. Not this again, dont get my fucking hopes up guys, i told you this last time🤬🤐🥲

  15. I just hope things work out for Fezco & Lexi in S3. Both really need to catch a break next season & I want to see their romance develop.

  16. You’re not in trouble mate, go ahead and share with us

  17. Haha Idk, this sub can look like a cult if you say something against crypto and exchanges they like.

  18. Thats what i thought, why would they release all theese things after talking about rs?

  19. The waiver literally confirms that this was one big bear trap to lure shorts into shorting it towards 0.71$

  20. Really? What proves that? No fud just curious

  21. Bitcoin gives announcements?? I thought the creators were anonymous…?

  22. Pretty much. Unless you’re already nasty rich, and don’t really value money.

  23. Exacly, financial freedom is extremely underrated

  24. Of course, if someone told me they would give me 10 million to do something for them then i would, without hesitation. I dont think you understand How underrated financial freedom actually is. Living a nice and pleasant life without having to worry about money and having a paid off house is the dream.

  25. Thats interesting, havent heard that one before. Dont know if he would be the right choice tough. James Bond is supposed to be tall and Brown haired.

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