1. Fresh, crispy and toasty tomatoes!

  2. And the balls already come with sodium, so they're salted!

  3. Me when my WH40K-themed Doom Marine mini is about to deliver the final blow: "Tell me... have you nothing to say to your creator... before you strike him down?"


  5. If only he could wish his depression away with the power of fairy godparents... Ah well, guess he's stuck in the runt like the rest of us.

  6. If he wishes his depression away, he loses his fairies.

  7. That's quite a delusion you're trapped in, good sir. I wish to partake in it as well!

  8. Scary ain't it? The idea of life not being horrible and to your liking, yet you feel empty inside. Like that feeling won't go away no matter what you do. Personally, I find that more terrifying than actually having a horrible life and being sad.

  9. AHA! I knew my life would be still shit even after trying to fix the wrongs... do I get a prize?

  10. I'm gonna bankrupt this program in no time.

  11. You can definitely escape such a dreadful feeling: death.

  12. I think the first is legitimately the only one pic I've seen of these that doesn't look weird.

  13. This is like a FIFA game where we're comparing our hexagonal stats to each other.

  14. We don't see it, but she's always horny.

  15. I either jump and try or fail and get another traumatising event. Well... what's one more on the pile?

  16. Ok but why are her milkies 4 times the size of her head

  17. The fact that the machine beeps means Moe believes he deserves the shabby treatment.

  18. Skimpy on the bottom and tight on the front. Perfect dress!

  19. I admire the physical dedication it takes for a body like yours!

  20. You're facing a man that has witnessed four heroes level 6 on the brink of a heart attack, 7 death's doors, about 22 0-heal crits, no virtues, Reynauld stealing swag midbattle, facing the Shambler and coming out of it with all of them alive. Cost me 3 decades of my lifespan but I got it done!

  21. They look much better without make up. They look natural.... btw, I realized that they are very close. Do you thing they could be in or start a relationship?

  22. That's some wishful shipping there.

  23. Damn, I think I just beat the high score to see this!

  24. Me when sitting in a bathroom stall and a rat slowly comes out of the pipe and climbs into my anus

  25. A whole new meaning to getting your arse eaten.

  26. Yours is severe? Cool bro! Still trying top-level myself!

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