1. Parece ser muito subjectivo e fora de proporção para um país. O que se pode considerar o pior de um ano comparado a outro?

  2. Now, you too can make your units look more ahistorical!

  3. I hope the devs join the rioters in Paris, I think the studio deserves some "remodelling".

  4. It was an alright game but at the time it was released, it was considered a magnum opus. Reality tho, they downgraded the mechanics from BS2 and it was, mechanically, just another mid-2000s first-person shooter. Visually impressive but it was shallow as hell. The two-part expansions were much better but still don't hold a light on BS2.

  5. "Alfonso. I think at this range we can just talk..."

  6. "Send your orders and we also need to know the time for tomorrow's sueca. Send a new deck, we lost ours in last night's shelling."

  7. Ashe generates all of the power by doing most of the work. Hence, she is a power bottom!

  8. That cake's the prized possession of the Deadlock Gang! And their main crushing weapon!

  9. Those false accusers better never leave their jobs or get canned. If I interviewed them and saw a history of false accusations when I googled their names, I wouldn't take the chance hiring them.

  10. Am I crazy, but didn't this happen recently to another dev studio?

  11. "Ve're occupying 90% of ze city and ze Bolveshivks just von't give up!"

  12. Gory gory! What helluva way to die!

  13. Instead of walking around the hub area, they could simply make it readily available from the menu like in Vermintide 2.

  14. You ladies ate lethal! I can't wait! 👿

  15. I have Angela away more covered in white!

  16. You have my full permission to be my bunny!

  17. Poor itsy bitsy spider, but I still think they're lucky!

  18. Oof! This wine got me going too! 😳

  19. Umm... could you reach really deep inside the machine? 😳

  20. How thoughtful of Codi! Very considerate lady to provide our viewing pleasure! 🥰

  21. Ain't gonna break gold by just flashing off, you ladies need to get in "deeper"!

  22. So it is the same treatment as OW1 to OW"2". It's more of a revamp than an actual sequel so you get to keep all of your cosmetic gear.

  23. It's always hump day for Alexis!

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