1. You should be doing the exact same thing on show day that you’ve done for th me last several weeks leading up to it. Predictability is everything. If you looked great 20 days ago eating the same food, drinking the same amount of water, sleeping the same, then you should continue to do exactly that. You should know how many meals and oz of water gives you your best stage look and you should be repeating that daily leading into a show. I’d never recommend intentionally changing a variable show day.

  2. Most people aren’t doing a full meal on show day but something small. Low FODMAP. Experiment until you can find something that works for you that doesn’t bloat you.

  3. I do smaller meals of what I'm already used to at that point. I responded to defnotnick as he made it seem like I should be doing full meals or something like that, which is why I questioned it. Thank you!

  4. I'm far from sensitive. 😂 I made a general comment about this sub recently to someone else, and you responded. Who is sensitive here?

  5. My last 1.5 year off season.. 20lbs over stage weight.1 year in I did a mini cut to 15lbs, paused/held weight there for 2 months, then started prep.

  6. When you prepped after mini cutting did your body respond similarly or did you have to push harder because you'd been dieting with the mini cut?

  7. Usually my body responds well to the "pause" because random pauses in cardio & re-feed days. My metabolism would get revved up then I'd pump the brakes, so to speak, then eventually continued with prep. Some would argue I'm basically doing a "long prep," but I didn't mind the mini cut. I love seeing myself a little leaner, seeing new lines motivates me to push, I didn't feel burned out, etc.

  8. Pass. 😐 Can we get a Fenty beauty box please. I wish Ipsy would do a poll where subscribers can vote on the next curator.

  9. I'd say combo of both progressive overload and mind-muscle connection. Typically 1 exercise of each (so 3 total) for glutes: hinge, squat, lunge. You can change up exercises, rep ranges, weight, etc. but those 3 movements are key. Check out the reddit sub fitnessmaterialhaven** and look for Mark Carroll or Brett Contreras. They're an excellent place to start.

  10. I don’t really need help with exercise selection. Just wanted to know whether to focus on weight or mind muscle selection more! I feel like Bret and mark mostly post content about what exercises to include (at least from what I’ve seen) but I’ll check them out some more too see if I missed anything! Thank you 🫶🏼😊

  11. I'm not a trainer but I have glutes so I'll share my thoughts. I've been given feedback glutes are too big in the past. Lol. Mind muscle connection first then increase the weight. Pretend weights don't have a #. Go off of pure feel/muscle contraction. I would not increase the weight past any point of not being able to feel the muscle fully contract. Hopefully this makes sense.

  12. I have a sedentary 9-5 and 30m 5x/week LISS was also my sweet spot. However starting with this high of cardio for a prep ended with me doing near 2 hours 5x/week peak prep. Sounds extreme but again my 9-5 is sitting in front of a computer.

  13. IUD, Mirena. Best thing ever. I still ovulate and have my periods but they're significantly lighter. No change in energy or strength. Took about 3-5 months for my body to adjust to it though.

  14. Can you specify what you mean by it took 3-5 months for your body to adjust? I'm asking because I had Mirena inserted about 3 weeks ago. Had my period as expected, but I've been spotting every day ever since.

  15. If all you're experiencing is spotting then consider yourself lucky. 😂 Totally normal and should be less frequent as time goes on. Hang in there.

  16. He posted the table of contents on his story, no ped section 😂 I’m interested this ebook actually, I always admired his girl’s glutes. I will read it over and report back!

  17. I am experiencing the same issue. My GBP had a shipping label created but hasn't left the warehouse. I contacted support via messenger through the Ipsy app. They said if still no bag received after 15 business days that they would send a replacement or refund.

  18. I feel like it is a woman that either competed before or had a good muscle mass… gained a bunch of weight and lost it again in 11 weeks similar to a comp prep. But yes, with drugs.

  19. This!!! This isn't her first prep I'm sure. Clen and other PEDs will give a big boost to short term progress as well. A trained eye can see her muscle mass underneath her body fat as well.

  20. She has great structure and flow for bikini. Someone mentioned here she needs bigger glutes, which I agree, I also think she needs more lower lats. She's great though and I think she could be at the top of the pack a few years.

  21. They always break up after a show. My guess is, Aldo wants her to do an off season to enjoy each other outside of prep (because she's never really done that their entire relationship). LL probably agreed to this at first but then after her win decided to compete/prep again relatively soon. Again this is pure speculation.

  22. In her video she just uploaded, she seemed to be happy with the idea of taking a break to give her body a rest from shows since she’s now Olympia qualified

  23. But it was filmed right after the Arnold. She did the same last year. She won Pittsburgh and NY back to back after she swore to go into off season. Her and Aldo had each other blocked during that time as well.

  24. Does Ipsy close the period where you are able to sign up for Glam bag X before they announce the curator?

  25. Just commenting to say, keep posting! I’m not a fan of the echo chamber effect that can happen here. And I wish I had read when you did post about this, because it’s important to know!

  26. This is the sweetest response. ❤️ I agree completely. I feel like a lot of coaches preach about how cookie cutter prep diets are bad. Meanwhile they believe everyone needs to reverse in a certain way. Doesn't make sense to me. Every prep is different. Maybe my next prep my body won't respond the way it has been and I would be able to reverse, who knows, but being downvoted for my experience makes no sense. This community is toxic AF. 😂

  27. Wow are you being downvoted for saying this?! You are 100% right that a reverse doesn’t look or work the same for everyone!

  28. I'm the exact same. I'll put on 10lbs almost immediately, then be able to maintain it while tapering cardio down. Then once cardio is down I'll start to build my cals back up and slowly increase body fat. I'll be 15-20lbs above stage weight in about 4-6 months post-show with no reverse. Meanwhile the people reversing are also at the same weight gain in the same amount of time. Like again, why is not reversing wrong. 🥴

  29. Can someone explain the crossing of legs in front pose? Does he mean in the transition? I'm so confused.

  30. Nick is a popular bodybuilder who has a lot of fans and haters. These people will pour into anyone involved in his life. He's dating Maria so she's subject to criticism from his fans/haters. Nick also had a quick relationship with Jasmine Gonzalez, a bikini pro.

  31. Oh yeah, which is prob why they're jumping on Maria.. because they were quick to get serious too. 😂

  32. I use the tanning company. Less stress and at the shows I did the tanning company did touch ups, bikini bite and all before stage! That way you have same color as everyone too.

  33. What color Smashbox foundation do you use? Do you find it's usually a close match to your show tan? Or do you end up mixing it with other colors to match?

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