1. Depends on where you are with upper body development. I train at least 2 chest exercises for upper body because it helps with rounding out my shoulders. Everyone is different though.

  2. I concur with the above comments: you misread the caption. However, does anyone else find it weird that a coach would ask a female athlete to come to their house for a check-in as opposed to a gym?

  3. Sometimes it's more convenient for both coach and client to go to the coach's house, depending on location of course. Also coach can make diet/cardio adjustments ASAP.

  4. You misread the caption. Marie's body is dope. I believe she was figure to bikini.

  5. I've seen more developed backs on natural girls. What about this is screams "usage"? 🤔

  6. I break up my cardio when it gets over an hour per day. I can't imagine doing 90-120 minutes of cardio all at once.

  7. She still is doing that much? Pretty sure she will compete at the TO proqualifier which is coming up in a couple of weeks.

  8. I'm thinking he's going to continue to deplete her with 3 hours of cardio, then gradually decrease cardio + carb load ?? She said she's only been lifting for a year yet her prep seems to be like 5-6 months long? Just odd... she's asking for a burnout.. can't imagine wanting to compete again once she reverses.

  9. She said she needs to come in leaner for her pro card in two weeks… but yes she has been prepping for a while. And no prior lifting experience… she started in April last year! 😨

  10. I can't imagine she would have enough muscle to go pro? Looking at recent National winners, they are dense and developed.. I'm curious of how things will turn out for her. She has a great shape but needs more time lifting imo..thanks for the chat on this. 😁❤️

  11. My last prep I was up to 2 hours per day 4 days/week stairs+treadmill & 1 hour 2 days/week treadmill. Now I am down to 30 minutes 5x/week incline treadmill.

  12. Ivi is a tad too hard and needs more hamstring detail. If she came in with those details it probably would be down to the finest detail who would win here.

  13. In terms of overall shape, yes, but muscle development is really lacking. After OP lost the BF from the start of prep, it’s clear she needs to take a long offseason to build a good foundation.

  14. Second this... needs more shoulders and lats. There's also no pic of back pose so conditioning here is hard to judge.

  15. I've always been a fan of Ashley and never understood the hate. Her back pose is literal perfection. She is not overly muscular looking either. Recently a lot of National winners and newer pros scream gear usage.. Ashley does not (I'm not saying she's natural either though). She also doesn't engage or share any drama and only talks about competing and all things bikini in her ig content. She is a perfect representation of this sport. She is still a contender for winning the O.

  16. Slides, Two pairs of heels, Robe, Baggy sweats, Two blankets, Fishing wire & scissors (in case something happens to my suit), Gloves, Show shine, Pro tan diy base coat for touch ups, Makeup, Curling iron or straightener, Comb, Hairspray or mousse, Mirror, Snacks (whatever my coach tells me), Water to sip on, Phone charger

  17. Another coach probably said she can get better results but eating more than 700 calories lol

  18. I'm not surprised tbh. She placed poorly at that one pro show this year. I had a feeling something would come of that.

  19. I still follow her and saw that she follows FBF now, but also still tagged Atlas as of 6 days ago

  20. Thanks. Yea that’s been the main thing other than leaning out. Hopefully once my legs lean out more it’ll make the glute look bigger and legs smaller. I haven’t done any quad work in 10 months !!!

  21. I also think if you put your R foot by your L foot, instead of in front of it, and arch your back your glutes will pop more.

  22. I love the differing narratives from Arnold’s team vs these guys 🤣 Arnold’s team is saying they wanted to see the prize money for the athletes in an escrow account, and because “Experience” didn’t give proof of that in time, Arnold wasn’t going to fly out to the UK to support a show that wasn’t guaranteed to pay all the awarded athletes.

  23. Arnold is sometimes active on the bodybuilding subreddit. I wonder if they'll entice a response on his part. Either way he could not respond.. who knows.

  24. ‘Heros’ - it’s bodybuilding lol. Idols would be more fitting.

  25. I was going with their theme in the statement. They mention "Heros." 🤷‍♀️ Pretty tacky imo but I'm also not English.

  26. It’s a last minute thing. Like ketogqmerthatlifts said, it’s a Hail Mary of sorts. I saw a girl sweat excessively on stage due to it and really ruined her chance of placing.

  27. I would take comments like these with a grain of salt. If used correctly, it is a tool. Keyword: correctly. I've used it multiple times and have never had any issues.

  28. Depends on the peak but I've used it 2 days out, 1 day out, and in-between prej & finals. It works extremely well but your conditioning needs to be on point otherwise you'll look flat. No reason to use it during prep so I'm confused by the wording of the question. If you have more questions you can DM me.

  29. This a juicy lineup. I'm looking forward to seeing how some of these high level pros look side-by-side.

  30. Can Ashley K just stop competing and focus on prepping for the O? Maybe she’ll have a better chance winning the O again if she puts her progress towards that like Jen and LL

  31. Ashley K is one of the few competitors, if not only competitors, who gets paid to compete and does this for a living. All other competitors, even LL and Jen, have some kind of side hustle or SO support. Ashley was top 3 last year and wins pro shows constantly. Would you quit in her position? Probably not.

  32. Y'all have to admit, LL keeping it together during prep and doing well at shows while her personal life is seemingly unstable is pretty impressive.

  33. Never heard of it with cannabis. Wasn’t a thing for me. I know many pros that smoke, no issues from what I’ve heard.

  34. Smoke and edibles/tincture are a bit different since it's being metabolized and what not. I know a few pros and their coaches adamantly against it. Which had me curious

  35. I mean edibles are going to be different. Still counts towards what you eat. Edibles are typically high in sodium as well. Any reason you can’t just vape/smoke?

  36. I think something like this would be helpful, although I'm not familiar with how it would be organized exactly.

  37. Is this about Aldo again? I can’t with their drama anymore, on and off relationship. I am not sure why she keeps posting about this. It doesn’t serve her as an athlete, it is not a good look. And this isn’t high school.

  38. She's admirable as a bikini athlete but that's it. Her personal life is messy. Not a good look as an ambassador for the ifbb. I wonder if this will keep her forever as a runner-up for the O.

  39. I wish ivi would wear thicker connectors. I hate when girls pull them so high it disrupts their oblique lines. She’s got a long torso so super high works but it just looks like it hits the wrong spot. I’ve noticed a lot of girls do this and I don’t understand stand why you wouldn’t place it right under the oblique where it compliments the shape better.

  40. Iva is a shorter competitor therefore most def needs thinner connectors. Thicker connectors will easily overpower her frame and make her look more stocky/short. Her connector placement is totally fine. Like others commented, the high connectors make the back pose/glutes look "lifted."

  41. Iva's hair is too long but I love her look.... surprised with Jodie's look. She looks to be missing a lot of detail, especially rear delts/back. She looks oddly flat. Not sure if it's the pics though.

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